Friday, May 30, 2008

Day at the Pool

The nice hot Memphis weather has provided us with excellent pool opportunities, even in May. I took Evi to the JCC pool today after work and she thoroughly enjoyed herself! She even got to wear her new swimsuit. The short version of the swim suit story is that the suit cost more than I would have like to spend, especially since we already got a super cute-hand-me down suit that fits her, but this one covers more skin and means less harmful sun rays on my sweet baby girl, so I was sold. Plus, I love it :), and I guess now there are options!

Anyway...back to the pool. Once she figured out the slide in the baby pool (which, if I remember right, it was a frog with an open mouth, and the slide part was the tounge--kinda gross), she kept sliding down, clapping, and getting out to do it again. We were there with a friend, so she caught Evi and I helped her up and she was set! We also enjoyed a massive splash pad with water squirting everywhere. But the problem there was the SUMMER CAMPS. I've always been around them, just never from the parents perspective. Well, a 15 month old and lots and lots of 5-6 year olds don't really go too well together, so our time there was shortlived, but it was still fun. We also enjoyed the lazy river--man, this place has everything! I'll try to get a picture to post. I'm so glad that we have a pool to go to until we move. The pool where we live FAILED INSPECTION and is still closed. Oh well. I'm glad we have a pool to go to, Evi has fun, and I love it all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to Normal

Now that the holiday weekend is over, life is back to normal. On Sunday afternoon, Ron and his Dad went by Graceland and took some pictures. Graceland is now $27 per person for the Mansion tour, yikes! You gotta really love Elvis to shell out that cash to see his shag carpet and the famous jungle room.

Ron's dad left on Monday afternoon to head back home. Ron and I went to the Sandridges house for a pool party and barbeque. It was so nice to sit back, relax and be carefree in the sun shine. There is always a good time to be had with them! Evi loved the trampoline and the pool, despite the cool temperature of the water. She especially loved to be around so many friends to play with (Tiffany and Steve have 3 girls, and their 2 cousins were also there). So although I did not work at a pool during Memorial Day Weekend, I at least got to enjoy one!

This morning I went to teach a make up water aerobics class for the senior arthritis group at the JCC (I normally teach it on Mondays). No matter how tired I am, I always feel energized when I'm done. Not sure if it's the exercise, or the nice seniors in the class...maybe both! After class I looked at the JCC outdoor pool and it is AWESOME. I can't wait to take Evi there; maybe tomorrow after work!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Evi Slideshow

The Beginning

I've finally decided to start a blog. Over the last several months, I have been finding more and more friends online, and it's been great to catch up with them. I figured it was about time to join in so we can now share what's going on with us! Plus, I have been terrible about keeping a journal, so maybe this will be a good way at preserving some of our memories!

So it's Memorial Day weekend now. Yesterday, the big outdoor pool opening day, was the 2nd straight Memorial Day weekend that I haven't had anything to do with a pool opening, and it was still a little weird. Even though I don't work in pools anymore, I still feel like it's a part of me.

Ron's dad came to Memphis to visit us this weekend. It's always nice to have visitors, and the bonus is we get to see more of the sights than we do on our own! Yesterday we went to Sun Studio. Being the frugal minded people that we are, Ron and I have seen most of the sights of Memphis, but have not toured them, because everything is so expensive. Such was the plan at Sun yesterday--look around the store part and the outside. We asked about the timing of the tours of the studio, and he looked at us holding the baby and said that the current tour started 10 minutes ago, and kids under 4 aren't allowed on the tour, but he would give us tickets and we could take turns on the tour, with the other waiting with the baby and enjoy a complimentary drink. We thought that was awfully nice of him (or them?), so Ron and his Dad jumped in on that tour. While I was waiting I saw they had milkshakes, and thought Evi might like a treat, so I ordered one rather than the free soda, and went to pay, and they told me I didn't have to since we were with the tour. How great. Then I found out the tour was actually $10 a person. Wow. I don't know if it was some sort of nice thing they do for parents, or if the guy didn't care so much since they got on the tour late, but ... appreciated nonetheless. So Ron and his dad got to see all the orginal parts of the studio where Elvis and Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis and others got their starts in the business. Pretty cool actually! I was allowed to take Evi into the last part of the tour though for the pictures in the studio. The picture out front with the guitar is from March. Evi is posing with her daddy with the original microphone used by Elvis...and I assume Johnny Cash and the rest of the gang!

Yesterday evening our friends oldest daughter, Jordan, was baptized. It was so great to be there for her and she was just all smiles and enjoyed her special day. Steve, Jordan's dad, said to me, "it'll be you here pretty soon." I said that we still had 7 years, and he told me that it'll be here before I know it. It just makes me think about the little things, and try to appreciate every day I have with my little girl!