Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

Now that the pool where we live is open, I've been taking Evi a lot. She is so comfortable in the water now and it's fun for me to see her splashing around. The bad thing about her newfound comfort is that she dips down in the pool and drinks the water!! Either that, or takes a bucket and tries to drink the pool water from it! I've been constantly on her to blow bubbles instead of drink the water, and yesterday it finally sunk in! I'm sure that we will have to continue to work on this new skill every time we go to the pool, but I was a proud mama when I saw her learn to blow bubbles!

Friday, June 27, 2008

In the news

I did a special event for work on Wednesday, in a city called Milan (pronounced "Mylin") about 2 hours away. There was a reporter and photographer from the Jackson Sun newspaper....and the event was in the paper today! Here's the article if you want to read up.

After driving past Milan last week for another event, I read a sign that I wish I would have had the camera to capture. Well, this week when I knew I'd be passing it again, I came prepared. Not a sign you see every day.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I haven't been very good about posting this week. Ron turned in a draft of his thesis to his advisor at the beginning of the week and I was ready to celebrate, even though I know there is still more work to do. He met with his advisor today and will work on a few things and then turn it back in on Monday. Then he defends on July 2nd, and then hopefully, we'll be done!
I did a mad science event on Tuesday and it was 2 1/2 hours away! Of course it was fun though, and the parents and kids were all entertained, so it was still a good experience. One of the women working at the event thought for sure I would have majored in Biology in college and was surprised to learn otherwise.
Later that afternoon Ron and I took Evi to the zoo. It was so nice to go together since Ron had some breathing room from his paper! We saw quite a show from the chimps--they were hootin' and hollerin' up a storm and had a crowd gathered to watch and listen. I made a little video of it, but we'll see about whether or not I can get it posted. (the first and only time I tried to post a video, I guess it was too big a file or something, because it didn't work.) Evi had a good time at the zoo and loved seeing the variety of animals.
One night Ron got to go play basketball in the practice facility on campus and he had a great time. I think one reason is because it's pretty cool to play where the 2nd place NCAA team plays (although many argue that they should have won....), but another reason I know he loves it because it has great competition and as he says, "it's how pick up basketball is supposed to be played." He has been before a time or two and always looks forward to going back.
Let's see, me....? Well, something fairly inconsequential to most people, but exciting for me is that I ordered new shoes last night. I’ve been running a lot lately and my shoes have had it (I bought them when I was still pregnant!). I had a gift card (sort of) from Lady Foot Locker and finally went to use it. They didn’t have my size in what I wanted, but they did have a good sale. So I was able to order 2 pair of shoes, with no shipping charges, and they should be here Tuesday! Like I said, inconsequential to most, but something for me to look forward to!
I guess that's all for now!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Established 6/13/03

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary and we had great fun. We are planning to take a beach trip for our anniversary in July once this thesis is done, so I wasn’t expecting to do much last night—maybe go to dinner or something. However, Ron had arranged for our friends to watch Evi and he took me out to go miniature golfing. First of all ,we haven’t had a date with just the two of us in awhile, so that was really nice. We planned to find a place to eat near the games place, but it turned out that there weren't many options. We decided to be adventurous and try a little hole in the wall Mexican grill place we saw, and we were glad we did. Yum! It was cheap food, and really yummy-excellent salsa and rice (both things I really want to be good when I eat Mexican food). It was way better than a chain and it fit in our evening very well. Then as we were driving back to the games place, we passed an iron works lawn ornament place like I’d never seen. In the spirit of adventure, I had to get a picture near the sombrero man! Once we got to the games place we had a great time. I haven’t been miniature golfing in awhile—is it normally expensive? We were surprised to be charged $6.75 per person for one game, but maybe that’s normal? Ron got a couple holes-in-one. I did too, but they were on re-do’s, so I don’t think they count! There was a bigger group in front of us so I took some extra practice turns while we waited for the next hole. Ron did very well. I however, had lots of fun : ) !! It was really a great evening. Hopefully we can still get to the beach in July, but either way, we had a great 5th anniversary. I love my guy and I am so proud of him.


Friday, June 13, 2008

catch up

It’s time for the condensed update to my blog. It’s probably better to do it this way, since I have a tendency to write way more then necessary the day of anyway!
Saturday, 6/7, I did a birthday party about 35 minutes away in Millington. My brakes were sounding horrible on the drive there and back, and we (Ron) ended up changing my brake pads that night after I got back. They were awful—no pad left. We didn’t quite have the right tools, so Ron displayed some of his “super human strength” (as he told me that was what was required to do what he did without the right tool) and got them all fixed for me! Yay for the handyman husband! There is one fun thing I wanted to share about the party too. After the party when I was getting ready to leave, the birthday boy who turned 6, said to me, “excuse me, may I have a word with you?” I wasn’t sure what I was in for with that approach. So we went to the side hall and I asked what he wanted, and he said, “I liked my science party.” I think that’s the best line that I’ve gotten after a party. I’m still smiling about that.
Friday 6/6 and Sunday 6/8 we spent time with the Southall’s. Dr. Southall was Ron’s research advisor here at Memphis and his wife taught in the department as well. They are moving to North Carolina where they will both join the department at UNC, so we had some farewell time with them. We went to dinner Friday with them and Carrie, a fellow student of Ron’s, and Carrie’s boyfriend Brian. We had yummy Thai food and had a great evening. At one point during the evening, Brian found out that Mrs. Southall hadn’t been to Graceland and said he could get us all tickets (free) if we wanted to go before they left on Monday. Yeah! So Sunday afternoon, the 4 of us went to Graceland (Brian and Carrie were both working). Elvis sure did live in style. I found out he donated lots of money to local charities and organizations, and still had more than enough for all the fun he wanted—which was displayed in and around his home! I could go into detail all about what we saw, but then we’d be here all day! We weren’t allowed to use flash photography inside the house, and since I don’t know my camera well enough yet to turn it off, most of our pictures are outside on the grounds. It was a fun thing to do and neat to see how “The King” lived. It was a fun day and we’re glad that we were able to spend it with the Southall’s before their move!
Tuesday 6/10 I did another Mad Science show for a local city summer camp program. I had so much fun and I hope the kids did too. There was a photographer/reporter there for their local paper, so there could even be an article about it! Later that day, Evi and I went to the zoo to take advantage of the free days for Tennessee residents (every Tuesday after 2). A couple of weeks ago we went to the Botanical Gardens (again, free on Tuesdays) and she loved seeing the geese and ducks. Evi loves seeing birds and squirrels, so I was hoping the zoo would be a fun place for her as well. She seemed to enjoy herself. We paid $1 to go in the butterfly habitat and that was really cool. None landed on us though, but it was still neat to be surrounded by so many beautiful butterflies. She enjoyed the monkeys too. We found some of our friends and their kids on our way out, so that added an extra bonus to our day at the zoo. Maybe we’ll try again next Tuesday! Oh, and when we were with Tiffany and Jeanette, I heard, “Magnetic Michelle, is that you?” Then I turned around and a woman said, “we enjoyed your show this morning!” How fun! Magnetic Michelle is my work name if you didn’t guess that :).
Today, Friday 6/13 and Wednesday 6/11, I took Evi to the pool at work. She is getting more and more comfortable in the water and I love to see it. Today she managed to figure out the slide without any assistance (except for at the bottom to make sure she doesn’t whack her head).
As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been trying to find a place to live. We’re on the waiting list for one place and we’re trying to find a plan B. Last night I was telling Ron how stressed I was, and he said that I’m acting exactly how I acted right before we moved here. Well, clearly everything turned out ok here. I think it was good to hear that, because it helps me remember that things will indeed be ok. I just like to have everything planned out, and if something is unknown, I start to worry. So today I have calmed down and taken some deep breaths! I call Ron my voice of reason, because he can generally help me see logical side of things when I don't. I'm glad he is able to help me out! All will be well and we won’t be homeless!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

house hunting

Sorry for no post in awhile! It's not that I have nothing to write about, it's just that it seems like every moment I've been on the computer lately has been to look for a place to live! It's been difficult to search primarily through the internet for something affordable in the DC area, since nothing is really affordable for students :(. So if you know of any great rental deals near College Park, be sure to pass them along!

Hopefully I'll put up a real post soon. I have lots to write about, so I have a feeling that when I finally do, it'll be a long one!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mad Science

I've posted a few things about my mad science job, but I haven't really explained it. I put a link to the website on my friends list if you want to look at that. Here is what it is all about:
We do birthday parties, after school programs, special events, school assemblies, etc. Most programs are 1 hour. We entertain kids while also teaching and performing cool science experiments, then we tell them how we used science to do it. This is the reason I said who knew I would ever have a job in science--cause science wasn't never my favorite subject. But I've learned what I need to do, and it's fun to teach the kids about it. There are lots of different programs, and it's fun to be able to participate in this!
For all the stay home moms reading this: it is a great job for me, because I mainly work when Ron can take care of Evi. When I read about the job, I thought 1) it would be fun, and 2) I could work on weekends and evenings, around Ron's schedule so he could be home with Evi.
Hopefully that clears up some of the wondering I caused by just saying I was a mad scientist!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

a bit overwhelmed

I feel like a lot has been going on, but maybe that's just because I have a 16 month old running around and I can't get much done in one chunk of time!
Last Saturday I did two mad science birthday parties, and both were quite fun. I always enjoy seeing the looks on the kids faces when I do something cool and they can't wait to see it again. Who knew that I would ever have any kind of science related job! Today I drove an hour into the Tennessee countryside for a mad science event. I didn't perform the experiements, I was there to observe and assist, since I'm doing the same event next week. There was a huge turn out of kids and parents (not to mention seniors, since it was in a senior center) and it is great to see kids having a fun time learning. It helps to be able to observe others because it gives me ideas of how to perform better when I'm alone. I'm glad that I got this job while I was here in Memphis! In an interesting way, the job has actually helped me to learn the area even more, because I drive to a different place for each event. So now that I'm moving, I've finally learned my way around! The highlight today's trip: filling my empty gas tank for $3.69/gallon! The average around where I live is probably $3.78, so if you have to drive out into the boonies, it helps to find cheaper gas when you're there! Here is a picture of me with my lab coat, and my unwilling volunteer!
We are in the process of trying to get everything figured out for our move. We are supposed to leave here by July 31st and we're working on all the rest of the details--such as: where to live! I have been trying to pack things because I really don't want to save it until the end, but I'm sure we'll have our share of last minute things too. It is overwhelming to pack! We want to cut down on our load since we have our fair share of stuff, but sometimes when I look around, I don't know what to start next! Little by little though, we'll get there. Then, I'm almost positive, when we're unpacking we'll say, "we didn't need to keep this".
Ron is busily working on his thesis, so we can move. When he came home yesterday, he said he finished on page 99, with lots more to go. Well, lots more by the end of next weekend, because that's when his first draft needs to be handed in. The end is near (and the next beginning is fast approaching).
Evi is now 16 months old and just as curious as can be. She is really helpful at emptying boxes, containers and cabinets. She does put stuff back in its place when I ask her to, but it's not quite the same. Last night she woke up around 11 crying and after several minutes, still didn't stop. Ron and I went in to check on her and she actually cuddled with me. If you don't know my child, she is NOT a cuddler. It was so nice to just hug her and hold her while she was clinging to me (eyes wide open), and Ron kinda cuddled us both while we were standing by the crib. It seemed like she was scared--maybe a bad dream or something. I guess she just needed a hug, because after a few minutes, I put her back in bed and never heard another peep. I was so glad that we had that nice family moment though.
I've included some pictures from our pool trip on Monday. She's already gotten several comments referring to her gender....wearing blue and having no hair. It's a girl suit, purchased in the girl section, and it has FLOWERS.