Friday, July 18, 2008

Mr. Fix-It

In all the hustle and bustle of packing and preparing for our move, I have neglected to write about Ron's handy work with my car. First of all, I drive a 1993 model but it runs surprisingly well. I believe that I posted last month sometime that Ron changed my brake pads. A couple of weeks after that, I was driving and something felt very wrong with the wheels. If I went 40 mph (then 35, then 30 as my trip progressed), it felt like a wheel was going to fall off. I pulled over and checked the wheels, and they were all on securely. I drove home nice and slow, and let Ron diagnose the problem. We both worried that it had to do with the brakes since they were just changed. Nope. In the back of the car, there is a bar that holds the wheel in place. Well, that was cracked and the wheel was no longer stabilized! Then came the challenge of figuring out the exact name of the part, finding it, and changing it. Ron went to a car parts store and they looked it up, and it would be over $70 for the part, but they would have to order it because they didn’t have one in the whole state. Then he tried a junk yard that had a ’92 and ’95 model of my car, found the exact part on the '95, got it off himself and paid $8.00 for it. He came home and fixed it, and my car was as good as new—well, at least as good as it was before the piece broke :). Thank you to my handyman husband!

In the bottom left of the picture, you can see the broken bar. On the right you see the end is round, and on the left, it's kind of like a hook. Both sides are supposed to be the same! So the tire was literally haning on by a --hook!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I had hoped that my next post would be about the cool new house right by campus that we'd be moving into on August 1st. Unfortunately, the call I got yesterday morning was to tell me that two single military guys would be moving into it on Thursday. We had gotten our hopes up so high for that house and we were pretty bummed out about it. I have to belive that we'll find something else that could be just as good, if not better. But now our plans are thrown all out of whack and the new plan is for me (and Evi) to go up a week before Ron to hunt us down a house. We'd all go, but then we wouldn't have anywhere to keep our stuff. What a mess! So now my time is spent trying to pack all I can before I go, since we're looking at leaving on Saturday or Sunday. It'd be great for the owner to call on Thursday to tell us that the guys didn't move in afterall :), but I won't count on that!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Great Pictures

On Monday evening, Evi and I went to see our friends Nadia and Anna. Anna and Evi are close to the same age and are such cute little best friends. They both squeal with delight when they see eachother! Anyway, their friend Grace, an talented photographer, was taking some photos of Anna. They were finishing up their photo session as we walked up, and Grace took some impromptu photos of the two girls together, as well as some of Evi. I got them tonight and they are amazing shots! That evening was also quite possibly the dirtiest Evi has ever gotten, as you'll see by the pictures! She found a bunch of dirt and had a ball! But, for once she wasn't putting every rock and piece of dirt in her mouth, so after a few wipes of the face, I gave up on trying to keep her clean. I love the shots and think I'll frame some. Just as a side note, we also recently got some semi-professional pictures taken of Evi in a park. We have a family friend who takes amazing shots as well. I have far too many pictures from that shoot to post on here and I still have to go through and pick my favorites. So for now, enjoy the super cute impromptu playing in the dirt pictures :).

Evi's first kiss

On Saturday we went to welcome some friends to Memphis. They have a 7 month old baby boy and Evi had some good fun with him. She was not shy about giving him kisses :). We thought we had betrothed her love to Spencer, the son of our almost but not quite family Ryan and Courtney, but I guess the distance was too much for her to handle!After getting caught in the act, they both had a look like, "what? we weren't doing anything!" Luke looks expecially defiant! So cute.
The friends that were moving in are Joey and Katie. Katie and I were in Jerusalem together in the winter of 1999. It's been about that long since we've seen eachother, but it's been fun to reconnect. One of the really special things about that study abroad trip is that we all shared such an amazing bond by just being there together. So no matter how much time passes, it is always nice to see an old friend from that semester. Now we got to meet eachothers husbands and babies, and have some fun visiting together, and letting our kids kiss :). Too bad they moved in just as we're about to move out, but at least we overlapped some (the irony is that they just moved from Maryland, and that's where we're going!) Here's a picture of Katie and me:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

In the home stretch

I had a blog all typed out. I went to copy and paste it into word to make sure I didn't lose it, and that's when I lost it all! GRRRR.
So since I don't feel like typing it all out again, here are the main points:
~Ron passed his thesis defense and now just has to format the paper for the graduate school to bind.
~Then he'll have edits to make for publication in specific journals, but as far as getting the Master's Degree, just the formatting of the document left! Pretty soon, he'll have a degree in Sport and Leisure Commerce from the University of Memphis.
~My best friend Evin had baby #2 last night. Shelby arrived 4 weeks early and was a welcomed surprise for the well traveled family (they moved to Virginia but she had to have the baby in Maryland because that's where her insurance is until August). They've been doing a lot of back and forth between her parents house and her new place and they'll be glad to all be back home together in a couple of weeks.
~We had to call poison control today for the 2nd time in Evi's short life. She got into some plaster of paris today and we weren't sure if she ate any of it. So to be safe, we called. All the right steps were taken and they said she wasn't exhibiting any signs that anything was wrong. They told us some things to look out for but said it seemed like she should be ok. Whew. That was a scare!
~Tonight before family prayer, Evelyn folded her arms across her chest and bowed her head down, for the first time ever! It was the cutest thing for us. It didn't last during the whole prayer, however, but it was still so darn cute. She brings us so much joy and I absolutely love to be around her. Her laugh brings such a smile to my face! Man I love my little girl!
That's all for today!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

De-Fense..clap clap...De-Fense

Ron is defending his thesis tomorrow morning. Here's the title:
Power, Ideology, & Cultural Politics: The Processes of Organizational Decision-Making, Change and Influence in the (Re)Creation and Management of Sporting Spaces. I think the more degrees you get, the longer your research titles get!
If all goes well, that means we'll be one step closer to his Master's degree! Woohoo!!! Evi can't wait to have more time with Daddy after tomorrow!