Saturday, September 27, 2008

long runs and childhood memories

I went on the longest run of my life today. I couldn't tell you the exact distance, but I went for 2 hours, and had lots of time to think along the way. As I was going on this new route for me, I remembered that I tend to go slower when I am somewhere new. I should have thought of that last night when I was on the computer looking up new places to run! I just kept having to remind myself to pick it up and go faster. The bulk of my run was through the agricultural farm in beltsville so I got to see (and smell) some cows along the way!

Mom and Amy, this memory is for you if you're reading this! Part of my run took me on a road that I lost a brush on many years ago! My family all knows this story, for those who don't, I'll humor you with the experience. We were driving through the Ag. Farm on Powder Mill Road. I would say I was somewhere between 8-10 years old, but I'm not sure. I had a brush--MY brush, and Amy wanted it. I think she claimed that it was hers but we couldn't agree whose it was. It was a little purse/pocked sized brown brush, perfect for a little girl to admire and keep as her own. I wouldn't let her have it, and we proceeded to bicker back and forth, most assuredly driving my poor mother crazy. Well, as I remember, the windows were down and we kept arguing about whose it was, and then mom leaned back, took it from me, threw it out the window and said, "it's no ones brush now". Now, I can laugh at the story. Then, I was traumatized; not only did I lose that cool brush, but mom littered in the process! In fact, for a long time after that day, every time we drove on Powder Mill Road through the ag. farm, I looked out the window for my missing brush. So today as I jogged on that road, I thought about my brush and a smile came to my face. You know, it probably wasn't either of ours--it was probably one that was our moms that we both claimed. Thanks for that memory to Mom and Amy, because with time, it has become a happy memory rather than a sad one at the loss of my brush!

So then I kept running until I hit my goal time. Like I said, not sure on the distance, but I'm pleased that I could actually keep going that long. Two more weeks and I'll really be put to the test. I'd invite any and all to come to the race on the 11th, but I just found out that there are 20,000+ runners, so I can only imagine the mass amounts of chaos that I will find myself in. Not looking forward to the crowds, but I'm getting excited about the rest!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Time

Tonight we went to dinner with Ron's grandparents and parents. At Chevy's they sing to you for your birthday and give you a sombrero and ice cream. Richard mentioned to our server that Ron's grandfather's birthday was coming up, so we got graced with a song. The words are: "Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday, so we could party too!" We heard the song about 5 times tonight--I'm sure the servers got sick of all the birthdays.
After dinner, we came back to our little home to hang out and play scattergories. Company is a good motivator to get your place in order; I should have had people over a month ago! In the last couple of days I have finally opened the last of our boxes and gotten some pictures hung up. There is still more to do, of course, but I'm glad it's finally feeling more like our home. We had a good time playing and visiting. Evi enjoyed having all the people around and was such a friendly little girl.
Speaking of my little girl....since I just checked on her in bed, I am thinking about how precious she is. Whenever I see her sleeping I just want to scoop her up and hold her or lay down next to her. Since she isn't much of a cuddler, I savor the quiet moments that I do get with her, and I guess watching her sleep gives me that same good feeling.
Well, I haven't uploaded any of our most recent family pictures yet, but here are some fairly recent pictures.
This is what I had the pleasure of seeing when I walked out of the house where I was babysitting. Their house is on the market, anyone interested?
I think we need to get Evi a wider bed--we often see her positioned like this!
Labor Day: Evi's first time on a boat. I wasn't on the ride with them, but apparently she did ok. After not getting enough sleep the night before, the motion and sounds lulled her to sleep! She absolutely did not want to get in the water once she was awake though.
Yes, she is sitting in a trash can. She climbed in and thought it was a fun little seat made just for her. She quite enjoyed it until it tipped over.
Trash can with a swim cap. Oh, parents do funny things to their children, don't they?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just keep running....

On goes the 1/2 marathon training and I'm shocking myself at the fact that I can actually run some distance! This week I hit the 9 mile marker and next week I'll go for 10. Yikes. I have 3 weeks until the race on October 11th and I think the training is right on. I've been told that if I can do 10 in training, then I'll be able to do the 13 on race day. Pretty cool. So on we go and I'm shocking myself on nearly every jog. I'm glad that I have something that I'm doing for me. Although Evi accompanies me in her jogging stroller on most of my jogs, I really am glad that I have this. If I can actually cross the finish line on October 11, my goal is reached and I'll be the happiest girl around!
As for the rest of life, we are keeping busy. Ron works hard all day at his school work. Teaching and reading and learning. They don't waste any time in his program, and why would they? Once they're this deep into school, they're serious enough and the professors don't shy away from the assignments.
I did the two weeks of teaching the water aerobics class and enjoyed it. The class I taught was mostly people who have been coming for years so I could have been under a world of judgement with the instruction. But, they all seemed to enjoy the routines and it seems like I passed! Hopefully I'll still get to fill in once in awhile, since I enjoyed being there.
I also spent the last two weeks watching a neighbors little girl. It wasn't the best situation, but I guess I could consider it a learning experience.
This week Ron's grandparents are visiting from Utah and we went to spend some time with them tonight. It was the first time in Evi's short 19 months that we have had all 4 generations in the same place. I've had Ron's grandparents with Ron and Evi, and Ron's Mom with Ron and Evi, but never all of them. So tonight, I got a picture, but I haven't uploaded it yet. I'm sure you'll all be on the edge of your seats until then! Ron's sister and her family were there also and we had a great time all around.
Our computer is still broken :(, but I'm adjusting to laptop life. I have to say that I prefer a nice clunky desktop to a laptop. However, it is awfully nice to sit here on my bed as I type. Who knows, maybe I'll come around afterall.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Class of '97

♫ On a hilltop high above us, the symbol of our fame......♪
Last weekend we went to a get together with some of my friends from High Point. Gabe was our organizer and the last time we were able to get together with everyone was his wedding in December, so it was once again time to catch up with whoever could come. This is yet another reason why it's nice to be back in town! Our class did have a 10 year reunion last fall, but I heard it wasn't the most fun night. Our numbers weren't huge, but the laughs were and a fantastic time was had by all. Thanks to Gabe and Silpa for hosting us and providing such a fun night for everyone. Evi cuddled more with Silpa than she would with Ron or me, and she found buddies in Neil and Tony! We had a late night and Evi was quite the trooper, laughing and entertaining everyone as we went along! Oh, and my picky eater kept sneaking samosa (is that spelled right?); a super yummy Indian food which Silpa made for all of us. I didn't offer any to Evi, thinking she wouldn't touch it. Maybe that was the trick cause she had 3 or 4 pieces! Here are some pictures of our fun night.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

computer woe's

My computer is temporarily out of order and thus my computer time is limited, yet again. It is being looked at and I'm hoping for the best. In the meantime, here's our update.
*I did something crazy. I signed up to run a 1/2 marathon (13 miles) in October with my friend Courtney. My longest run so far has been about 8 1/2 miles. Holy Cow! This is coming from someone who has never been a runner!
*Our house is slowly and surely coming together. I would love to put up some pictures, but I have to get it put together more before I can do that!
*I started teaching water aerobics at the pool 3 days a week. Well, 3 days a week but only for 2 weeks. After that, I'll be a sub I think. But it's been fun so far!
*I also started watching a neighbor's child 3 days a week. It's good for Evi to have someone to play with (the little girl is 2 and Evi is a year and a half), and it keeps us busy. So far, Evi doesn't nap as well when we're at their house, but hopefully we can adjust to the new surroundings and still keep our good sleeper.
*Ron has now had one full week of classes. Things are going well and he's definitely keeping busy. He is teaching 3 discussion sections of a Knesiology lecture class, but also gets to teach basketball two days a week and loves to play with the class when he can.
*Evi is Miss Independent, still. She is saying more and more words and doing more signs as well. She loves to say, "cheese"; in reference to smiling or eating cheese (which she loves also). She loves to pretend to talk on the phone. Phones, cell phones, or any toy that she might hold up to her ear to pretend it's a phone. She really loves books all of the sudden and can't seem to get enough time reading. She climbs into the chair in her room and pulls books off the shelves and flips through them, very much focused on the pages. One last thing, she loves to dance! Any kind of music, she bobs along to it. She is super cute and I love to watch her grow!
*One last thing about what's new with us........I am the new young women president in our ward. Wow! So, I guess the nearly 3 years I did the same thing in Carrollton Ward was preparation for now! I had 2 years off, now I'm back on.
Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon and then I won't wait forever inbetween updates!