Friday, November 7, 2008

need to hire a house painter?

After reading an e-mail today from my sister, Kristin, I had to post about her new house decorations.  They painted the front of the house gray and the trim and porch white.  The door was slated to be painted red.  Well, while she was away with one kid, the older two (16 and 15) decided red just wouldn't work for them.  

I wonder how long this will last before it gets painted red?  As bad a prank as this is to pull, I still laugh every time I think about it and see it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Week

Thanks to Kris and her shopping skills, we had a halloween costume for Evi that was under $2. She found it last year after Halloween and it fit her perfectly this year. Although pink is not my favorite color, she looked adorable in her little leopard outfit. The picture from behind is see the tail at the back. Evi actually enjoyed wearing this outfit. It was warm and must of been comfy, because she didn't want to take it off! We went to our ward Halloween party and she was getting the hang of the "trick or treat" thing, and excited to get some candy. Friday came around and we thought it would be fun to dress her up again and go trick or treating with her cousins. So we drove up to Jenny's and went out with a mercinary, 2 spidermen and a ninja. The batteries died in my camera right when we were getting the group shot--but Jenny got one at least. Here is one though with Evi and Garret, one of the Spidermen.
She liked the decorations in this yard. The dog with his head underground was captivating! She thought it was especially interesting when it started passing gas!

Evi's first real Halloween was quite fun. The day after, we went to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain with Ron's Grandma, Uncle, Dad, and two cousins. Sadly, we left our camera at home and no one else had one! So I have no pictures to display, but I can report that the fall colors were beautiful. We borrowed a baby hiking backpack to carry Evi in, and it came in quite handy. She wasn't all that happy about being in it the whole time, but I was very glad to have it! The weather was actually warm and nice, there were lots of people out enjoying nature and all in all it was just a really great afternoon. Poor Evi didn't get her normal sleep all weekend, and here's a rare site of a tuckered out Evi--my non cuddler!