Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank goodness for nice people in the world

While driving home from our church Christmas party on Saturday, I noticed a police car behind me. I wasn't speeding and kept hoping he wouldn't find a reason to pull me over, but worried that I thought I had a tail light out. After a mile or so, I signaled to get over since I was approaching my turn, and he turned on his lights. AUGH! I was SHOCKED when he said he pulled be me over because I had SUSPENDED TAGS! I asked how that happened and he said it was because I missed my emissions test in November. Since we lived in Memphis, but kept our cars registered in Maryland, I can see why we might not have gotten the notice, even though we did renew the registration while in Memphis. Then, he asked for my license and registration--not normally a big deal. But, months ago, my glove box BROKE, and cannot be opened. Where is my registration you may wonder? That's right, in the glove box. I told the officer I had it in the car and explained the glove box problem, but that I would break the box open if he was going to give me a ticket for it! He said not to worry about it...and then was so so so nice and didn't give me the $140 ticket for suspended tags and the however many dollar ticket it would have been for no registration. AND, no ticket or fine for not having updated my address/license since moving in August (you’re supposed to do it within 30 days). Funny thing was I was already planning on going to the MVA on Monday for the new license. So one more stop was added to my trip for Monday, and I was so happy to have a nice officer help me discover the problem!
Monday comes and I take the car in, and learn that it was due for the emissions test in November 2007, and the tags were probably suspended sometime in February! WOW. I've been driving around with suspended tags for almost a year! The emissions guys didn't even charge me the late fee when I told them I never got my notice and didn't know to come in until I got pulled over. Well, thank goodness it passed and they were all so nice. I’m grateful that it all happened here where I could take care of it right away, rather than in Memphis. Plus, the whole time we were in Memphis I kept my license with our Greenbelt address--I was fortunate to not have been pulled over while we lived there!
My MVA experience was actually pleasant. Other than waiting for awhile, I got a friendly man (rather than the woman next to him who did not seem happy about her job) and he seemed happy to help. I think he was relieved that I had come prepared with necessary documents and I was relieved that he was kind! My license expires on my birthday next week so I had to be there, rather than the simple way of just changing my address online. You never know what to expect when going in, but I was happy when I walked out, and that’s more than I can say for my last MVA experience!
As for today, we took Evi in to the doctor for her late 18 month check up—she’s now 22 months. We moved right before she could have her check up and it’s taken this long to get her insurance up and going with a doctor and everything. So, she’s a little trooper. She had 2 shots in one arm, and blood drawn from the other. The shots were ok, but the blood draw hurt all three of us! I held her and Ron tried to distract her, but she did not like it one bit, and she squirmed and the nurse had to hold her arm down. Just as the nurse was taking the needle out, she yanked her arm away. I couldn’t watch because of how much I knew she hated it and it still makes me sad to remember it! But, like I said, she’s a little trooper and it didn’t seem to bother her at all the rest of the day. We still stopped on the way home to get her a frosty. We both felt like she deserved a treat after being poked and prodded by sharp needles!
Finals are in full swing and Ron turned one paper in already, has another due Friday, then a final to give and grade on Saturday, then this semester WILL BE OVER!!! The glory of the break will be short lived, however, because he’s registered for independent study during the break, and TAing an online course, so it will pick back up, but we will enjoy the reprieve.
Has Christmas snuck up on anyone else???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so much to say...

It has been so long since I've posted and it would just take entirely too long to write about everything. I went to Utah and had an amazing trip with my family. I love to be around them and it was so nice to soak up all the time I could with them. I also finally got a new computer after my old one died, and I've entered the laptop world thanks to a great deal on a refurbished computer. Now I am still figuring out some of the new features that the upgrade has to offer and trying to add and organize my backed up files.
Ron is busily getting to the end of his 1st semester. The work load is large and time is short, but we're almost there!
Evi is all sorts of fun. She's been sick off and on for the last couple of weeks, which is no fun, but it hasn't kept her spirits down. I took out our christmas decorations the other day and she enjoyed helping me take everything out of the box piece by piece, and then putting it all back in, piece by piece. She can be a good little helper. It's nice to finally decorate again after 2 years without. We took all of our Christmas decorations with us to Memphis and never even used them! The first Christmas, we had just moved the previous week and didn't bother setting up because it was already a mess of boxes. The next year, we were gone the entire month of December and it didn't make sense to decorate in November to get home in January to put it all away. So 2008 is our year to decorate our new house! *Note, if you're going to leave decorations in a box and ship on a moving truck in the hot and humid summer, more than once, don't put candles in the box! Needless to say, I found a candle in the box that will not be used anymore :).
There is so much more to write, but there's at least a little tidbit. Evi's nap times have been getting a little shorter lately, which means my productivity hours are starting to be limited, so I better get going and make the most of the rest of today's nap!
Hopefully I'll get more up here more frequently now!