Sunday, February 15, 2009

here and there and everywhere!

We have been going all sorts of directions this week. Evi had birthday party #2 on Sunday with the Mower bunch. We all had dinner and then celebrated with an Elmo and Nemo cake! Reason being is that she has become quite fond of Elmo, but when she was first learning to say his name, it sounded like Nemo. After a day or two, I realized she was referring to Sesame Street's beloved Elmo! Now it sounds more like Emmo, so she's starting to get it! Anyway, she likes fish (at least I do, so I have incorporated fish into her life that way ), and she likes Elmo, so she was the lucky girl to get both on her cake! The benefits of being in a baking family! We had a nice time visiting with the family and she got a kick out of her new toys (including a shopping cart with her two favorite condiments--ketchup and syrup!). Sadly, I didn’t have my camera, since I thought the “party” portion was cancelled! I did manage to take a few pictures with my phone, but I don’t quite know how to get those pictur es off of my phone just yet (did I mention it’s new and I’m still figuring things out?). It was a great night to enjoy being together, and apparently, a great night to be 2 years old! On Tuesday I met up with some high school friends—Heather and Melissa, and their daughters. I saw Heather a few weeks ago, but I haven’t seen Melissa since shortly after high school sometime. Melissa has two girls, Ava (2 ½) and Emelie (8 months), and Heather has Bella, who is 3 months. The three of us had a grand time enjoying each other’s company while the girls laughed and played all morning (well, Bella and Emelie slept a bit, but I’m sure they still enjoyed the playdate!). It’s been so nice to catch up with old friends and it was really neat to have our kids play together! Thanks to Melissa for hosting us in her home! Can’t wait until we can do it again!

After that, I stopped by Jenny’s house (my sister). She only lives about 10 minutes from where I was, so I couldn’t be all the way out there and not pop in! We had a short but nice visit with their family. Evi always loves being with her cousins, and they seem to enjoy her too, so it was a great afternoon all around. I even got to help Garret with his spelling homework and really enjoyed that. It’s neat to see things click when kids get things, and then remember them.

It was on this drive that my car started showing me another one of it’s…quirks. If you’ve seen it, you can understand that it is quirky! I wrote about it here this summer. If you don’t want to read that….then just know that my car is a 93, and her name is “grandma”, cause it looks like a grandma car (at least when I got it at the age of 20, that’s how I saw it). Anyway, my sweet old car started HONKING on it’s own during my drive to Jenny’s house. I didn’t know what happened, and Jenny, on the phone with me, thought it was the TRAIN. It wasn’t like a nice tap, it was a long, extended blare of a horn. That was Tuesday, and it is now Sunday and it CONTINUES! That first time, there were no cars around. But since then, I have now unintentionally honked at other cars, pedestrians, on side streets in front of homes, you name it. I’m so embarrassed. My first thought was I am not putting any money into my dying car. I will just drive it until she won’t go anymore. But it’s getting to be a little much when I’m afraid to move the steering wheel, for fear of honking at someone (as it seems to happen when the wheel is turned)! Even my sweet friend Evin had the joy of driving my car this morning and got to experience first hand the unintentional honks. I’m shaking my head in shame, and seriously considering getting this fixed!
Moving along...
Since we had nice weather a couple days this week, I decided to jog with Evi and challenge myself! She's gained some weight since our last runs together in the fall, and while fighting the wind and pushing the stroller, I felt weak! A passing biker told me I was getting some good resistance training, and man was he right! After our run to and around Lake Artemesia, I let Evi out to run around! We saw seagulls, ducks and geese. I have a picture of her running after some geese and then they all flew away! It was a fun morning and we loved the nice weather!

Evin and Jared came into town on Friday night so we went to see them yesterday morning. Every time Evi sees the Heath’s house, she says, “Mimi”, because she remembers this is where she usually sees Mia, Evin’s daughter. It’s so cute, and sad at the same time when I know she won’t be seeing Mimi and she wants to! I was quite happy to take her there yesterday and to have Mimi waiting for us at the door! I’m so glad I have Evin and love that our daughters are basically the same age also! We’ll just have to make sure to always live close enough that Mia and Evi can always be friends too! These two make my heart happy!

That brings us to today. I’m writing all this before birthday party #3! We’re headed over to the Just’s tonight for a party with them. Maybe I’ll get my act together and post about that before the week is done…we’ll see :).

Maybe we should all take a lesson from the 2 year old, and just relax from time to time :).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My baby is 2!

Last week I took Evi to Ron's family's bakery to visit his aunt. We were nearby there with his Grandmother the week before, but Evi was in dire need of a nap and it wouldn't have worked well then. Since I had been wanting to go see JoAnn, we took the opportunity on Wednesday. At first, she was miss shy girl and just stared at everything and everyone. But soon enough, she was running anywhere she could, behind the counter, in the back, snaching cookies along her way and making the customers smile--and this was BEFORE the upcoming suger high! She had her eye on the giant gingerbread men, and I must say, did very well not touching them when I asked her not to. A family friend, Ann, came with her 7 month old grandson, and that gave us even more fun! I asked JoAnn if Ron was like this when he was a baby, running all around, (since he grew up going to the bakery as well), and she said he stayed mostly in the back and played with sprinkles. That gave us an idea: JoAnn got some sprinkles and a frosted cookie for Evi to decorate. She added one sprinkle at a time to her masterpiece--then started throwing the sprinkles on the floor. Thus ended the sprinkle time. As we were getting ready to go, JoAnn told me I should let her have the gingerbread man that she had been eyeing the whole time. What did she want the most? She ate the raisin eyes and buttons! We shared the rest :). As I type this out, I realize how fun it would have been to have pictures of the fun occasion. But alas, I did not have the camera. The good news is that there will be more trips to the bakery to come, so I'll have to remember for the next time!
Then our big news.....EVI IS 2 YEARS OLD!!
We had a low key birthday for Evi, with more celebrations to follow. During her nap on her birthday, I blew up a bunch of balloons and wrapped a few gifts. When she came out and saw all of the balloons, she seemed a bit confused at first. Once I got down with her and tossed the balloons all around, it was a hay day of fun for us! She just kept laughing and playing for so long, and it brought joy to her mothers heart! I found a soft, mini soccer ball at the party store, that only turned out to be $1, and between the balloons and the ball, we were set for an evening full of fun.
As I was frosting her cake, she decided to snack on frosting while she waited! I had her help me with the sprinkles, and she added them one by one to the cake, like the cookie the day before!
I asked her if she had a fun birthday and she smiled and nodded. Little does she know there are 2 more family parties coming her way!

Evelyn-about 6 months along in pregnancy. November 2006

Thoughtful pose as we leave the hospital after her birth. February 2007

Evelyn turns 1 year. February 2008

Evi is 2!! February 2009