Thursday, May 21, 2009

Running, a trip to the farm…again, family, and teachers!

Ron and I are running the Baltimore 10 Miler race next month and have been running a ton lately in preparation. I’m really looking forward to another race and somehow convinced Ron to join me in this new challenge. He hasn’t ever run more than a few miles at one time, so he’s hitting some major milestones on our training runs, which is pretty cool if you ask me. In fact, when we ran on Monday, I had in my mind we’d go about 50 minutes, and he’s the one who kept pushing us to go more, and we finished at 1:10. We ran again on Wednesday about the same time. Congrats to my hunny for conquering a new challenge (with even more to come, since that was just this week!). Evi has been joining us in the jogging stroller for most of our runs and I am so proud of her and pleased as can be that she’ll ride along with us for that long. Ron and I switch turns pushing the stroller every 5 minutes, so it’s almost like interval training. It’s nice family time and she gets park time after every run as a sort of reward for sitting in the stroller for long periods of time.
Today I felt like I needed to run, but just didn’t want to. Ron had to go to campus to finish up his grades (and therefore, FINISH all responsibilities for Spring semester—WOOHOO!!), so I decided to take Evi to campus to see him, and to go to the farm. It’s been so nice to switch off with Ron while pushing the stroller, I’ve gotten out of the habit of the whole run with the stroller—whew, quite a bit more effort involved! I certainly got my workout in today, even if I didn’t go as long, I certainly worked hard! Anyway, so we met up with Ron and then went to the farm. It was a beautiful day and we got to see so many animals! Horses, sheep, pigs and 1 cow (I have no idea where all the cows were, but we went to see the lone lady eatin’ some grass). This time, I had the camera so I have some fun farm pictures.

With the horse, I told her to hold her hand out so he could sniff it and allow her to pet him. She then tried this with all the animals and the sheep and pigs seemed ready to taste her sweet little fingers! One of the student workers there said the sheep might try to nibble, but wouldn't get much since they only have bottom teeth, but the pigs were the ones to watch out for because they'd chomp at anything! I'm glad we kept our distance!
After our farm adventure, a stop at Rita's on the way home (yum), and Evi's nap, we went to dinner with Ron’s grandmother. During the semester I’ve gone to visit her with Evi while Ron’s been at school, but since things are slowing down a bit, Ron could join us this time. It was a fun evening together, and I even had a chance run-in at the restaurant! I saw my 11th grade English teacher, who I loved then and still do! The funny thing is that I’ve thought about going to High Point to visit her to catch up and so she could meet Evi. Guess I don’t need to do that now. Plus, as a bonus, she got to meet Ron. Ms. Braxton was very influential in my education and I have great respect for her, so I’m so glad for the happy run in at dinner. It was a great night out with the family, that’s for sure. Gram gave us a dress for Evi and I tried it on her when we got home. Super super cute!!

tug-o-war, macaroni style

What happens when a two year old tries to play tug-o-powdered cheese packet (of course, using teeth rather than hands)?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's about time

Am I the only person who gets all thrown off after travel? Well, in April I went to Utah for a couple weeks and since then haven't gotten back in the groove of updating this blog at all. I'm not gonna try to write about everything that's passed since then to now, that would just be too long a post. Although I thought I would write about a first for Evi. Her first trip to the emergency room!
The short version of the story is that Evi got her hands on a pill and may or may not have eaten some of it. After calling poison control and not knowing the pill that she got, or how much of it, they sent us to the emergency room. Thankfully, we went to Children's Hospital in Salt Lake (which was only about 15-20 minutes away anyway), and they were amazing there. It ended well, but it was a nerve racking day, to say the least.

These pictures show Evi drinking her charcoal mixed with chocolate milk. The nurse said if she couldn't drink it on her own, she'd need a feeding tube (because it apparently tastes horrible). Amazingly, she drank most of it from the straw and then drank the rest from a sippy cup. At least they had a tv for her to watch during the experience! The charcoal is supposed to absorb poison from the body. I think when all was said and done, the charcoal made 100% of the difference.

She had to get an ekg to check her heart. Since they didn't know what the pill was either (although I found a part of it and took it in to them), they were treating it as a "one pill can kill" case. We had the regular ER doctor, then they brought in a supervisor or specialisit to check her out too. She was quite lethargic and not her normal self. I wasn't sure if it was the pill or the new situation. After all the tests I got us some lunch (from the very reasonably priced hospital cafeteria), and she was really only interested in the french fries. I didn't have the heart to deny a french fries only lunch. On this day, she got whatever she wanted. Here she is watching Shrek 3 while finishing up her "lunch".

I didn't get a picture of the catheter or blood draw because I was holding her down and comforting her during all that. Plus, I wouldn't have taken a picture of that ordeal to begin with. She did amazing through all the tests and prodding. She cried some, but didn't scream or wiggle too much. After a couple of hours, she perked up and was back to her normal energetic self. My mom was there with us the whole time and we both noticed an almost instant change in her behavior. When the doctor came back in, she instantly noticed the change too, and told us they pill they think it might have been had a 2-3 hour effectiveness and that was the window of time that had passed, so with the charcoal and time, all ended well. But what a crazy day!
This last picture is Evi playing around her hospital room after she perked up (and needed new pants after the charcoal went everywhere!).

I am very grateful for the wonderful care she had in our few hours at the hospital. They are designed for children and I'm so glad we went there rather than a regular emergency room. Even more grateful yesterday, when I got the last bill in the mail that said $0 balance (when the first statement--before sending to my insurance--was over $1500). Thank goodness.

I am also extremely grateful that my mom was there with me the whole time. I kept telling her that she could go back to work, since we were just doing a lot of waiting, but the truth was I was so glad to have her there with me. Her presence kept me calm (or at least calmer than I would have been alone), and she really showed a mother's love by simply standing by my side. My mother's love is endless and I am so glad for her example and support. I love you mom! Thanks for being there for us.

I could post many pictures from our trip and since we've been back, but here are two cute ones with my parents. My dad, who doesn't like to smile in pictures, gave me a beautiful smile; too bad Evi was fixed in on the TV!