Saturday, August 29, 2009

My sad day

On Friday, August 28th, I had a sad, sad day. I've mentioned my car on this blog's not the best looking car, and it's old, but man is it durable and in it for the long haul. Well, I'm afraid the long haul might have ended yesterday on Route 1. I was headed towards the beltway entrance in my lane that was MOVING, when a woman headed the other direction thought she could go through 2 lanes of oncoming traffic to make her turn. I had no where to go to avoid her, as another car was waiting on the side street to turn. I braked and still tried to steer away, but she got me along the driver's side. And in an instant, my reliable 16 year old car, affectionately (and appropriately) named Grandma, could likely be dead.
I tried to pull it off the main road to not hold up traffic, but the wheel wouldn't go. I got out, and the wheel was shattered, along with most of the car surrounding the wheel. I was shaking and stunned. I had to sit back down because I felt like my legs couldn't hold me up. I haven't been in a real accident since 1994, so this was new territory for me. I called Ron and he came right away with Evi (fortunately she was not with me in the car), since I was about 3 minutes from home! I was trying to think of all the reasons in a accident when you shouldn't call the police, because I didn't want to waste anyone's time. But, I figured since my car wasn't drivable we fit into the ok category for calling.
The first officer (of 3??) asked if we wanted to change the tire and try to drive it home like that, or should we call a tow truck. DUH. I told you I was shaking and stunned. I didn't even think of that as a solution. However, Ron figured that with the car being in the road still and with the unknown if it would drive safely even with a new tire, it would probably be a better/safer solution to have it towed (and since it wasn't my fault, the other driver's insurance would take care of the cost). So I emptied most of the contents of my car and sadly watched it get loaded onto the truck. And it wasn't just towed away, it was taken to the POLICE IMPOUND lot. Why? I know the police called the tow company, but why not tow it to a garage?? Ron asked the driver if he could take it to a garage for us instead of the impound, and the guy said it was likely totaled. I believe his quote was, "I'm not an adjustor, but I've been doing this a long time. With the age of the car and the damage, the cost of fixing it will likely cost more than the value of the car." I'm not gonna lie, I cried. I was very sad to think of losing my car.
It's just a car, I know. And really, with me not working full time anymore and living pretty close to campus, we can probably do just fine with one car. I think this just came too close to losing my father. He and my mom bought the car 9 years ago (from a bank--it was repossessed) so I could drive it at BYU when I lived 20 minutes from campus. Since my family has labeled me "the emotional one", it shouldn't be a surprise that it made me quite emotional to lose the car that my dad bought. It's just too much right now.
The good things are: I walked away. I am fine. Evi was not in the car. I got to go home and at least we have another car. The other driver wasn't injured, neither was her passenger. I was not at fault and her insurance will (at least so far they seem to) pay for everything.
Since it was on Friday, nothing will really happen until Monday or Tuesday. I went to the tow place today to give them the release for the car, because the other insurance company is going to tow it to another location--in WALDORF. From Beltsville to Waldorf. Apparently there is a holding fee where it presently is, so their adjustor can't just go there--they have to take it where they take totaled cars :(, and where they don't have to pay a daily fee. The guy on the phone said they only take cars there when they are 99% sure they are totaled. I guess there's still hope....I'll find out more next week. I tried to just go look at the car today, and couldn't even do that. No access to the vehicle until it's paid for. What a mess.
And the other driver? Hardly any damage to her brand new Rav 4. Why is it brand new, you might wonder? Because she got in another accident earlier this year that totaled her previous car (yes, it was her falut).
Here are some pictures I got from my phone.

In this one you can see scratches all down the rear passenger door. I didn't initially realize that she hit me anywhere besides the front.

Saying goodbye. Ron was telling me to come on and get in the car, but I was tearfully watching this take place. Emotional, I know.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The origin of the look

Michelle, 2 years old____________________Evi, 2 years 4 months old
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Just for fun

When you are two years old....

Who needs a fork...

...or a cup.....

...or paper???

And who really needs the dentist to look at their teeth anyway??

More to come

I have a big post coming. I intended to write it tonight, but instead I put probably too much effort into getting the new picture in the heading of this blog. For some reason, the computer or blogger or something wouldn't take my edited photo for the heading. I could put it IN the blog, but not in the title. I FINALLY got it to work tonight, but it took entirely too long. How does everyone seem to have such nice looking photos on their blog titles; centered, big enough without being too big? Well, it's there now and probably won't change for a long while. Anyway... here are the things I will write about, when I write:

*our DRIVE to Utah and back in July
*Bear Lake
*vacation with family
*Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois
*many more little things............

Plus, I added some pictures to the last post with my nephews in town.

stay tuned for some more summer fun :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Am I nuts? (updated 8/14 with new pictures)

Things have been very busy for us in the last month, which has been a good distraction. I haven't quite felt up to or ready to post about my dad and the funeral in June and all...and I don't want to devote this post to that either. But I will write about the busy summer we've been having since then.
June 27-July 9: As I wrote on the last post, my two oldest nephews came to stay with us so they could go to EFY in Virginia. I picked them up on Saturday, July 4 and thus began the whirlwind of events.
*Driving home on 81, an older man in a Veteran's hat was standing on a bridge over the highway waving a huge American flag. I honked and waved and was touched by the simple showing of patriotism.
*7/4: FIREWORKS on the Mall downtown!!! Excellent show, excellent!! We left Evi with Ron's mom for the evening, and got to bring Ron's cousin with us, and everyone loved the show. We even got to meet up with some of Joel's friends from EFY right afterwards. We then trekked down to the Lincoln Memorial and did a bit of night time sight seeing before heading back home. Fun fun night!! *7/5-7/6: Ocean City. We arrived in the evening and checked into our hotel. Guests under 18 all got a bucket and shovel, so that was a bonus :). Went for a walk on the beach at dusk and all ended up soaked in our clothes. Well, no, Evi stayed dry. All the big people got wet :). Monday was a day filled with sun, sand, fort digging (with buckets and shovels provided by the hotel) and the boardwalk. Keeping Evi from eating the sand was the challenge of the day!
Driving home. Joel and Evi are really asleep, Sam was posing to make the picture better :).

*7/7: Busch Gardens. We told Sam and Joel we were going to Kings Dominion for two days, and they seemed to really want to go to Busch Gardens. I was getting discounted tickets anyway, so we arranged to go to both parks, only didn't tell them. They didn't know any different until Sam saw a sign directing us toward "Busch Garden's Parking", and he said, "Busch Gardens is near Kings Dominion? I thought they were far apart?" He even saw Apollo's Chariot running and was so disappointed that he wouldn't be able to ride it. hehehe. It took a few minutes, and then seeing us follow the direction of the sign that they realized that we were indeed going to Busch Gardens. We're so tricky! I had the camera ready to capture Sam's face when he realized where we were going. In this picture, he is saying, "are you seeeerious?"

Well, they were super excited, and we were too. But the Alpengeist was CLOSED!! When you only have a few roller coasters, you have to do whatever you can to KEEP THEM RUNNING!! We still had fun, but were pretty bummed about the closing. We rode Apollo's Chariot many many times. The crowds weren't bad, and we we able to do everything we wanted to do. So we had a minor set back, but it was a great day!
*7/8: Kings Dominion. This is when I realized I was nuts! We were so exhausted, but ready for more fun. We stayed at a hotel in between the two cities so we jut had a short ride into Kings Dominion. Another fun ride was CLOSED. What's the deal? Alas, we had an amazing time. Ron and I took them on the wooden coasters and I laughed for most of the ride as I heard them behind us cringing at the pain of the jerky moves. Ron and I were talking about whether they have gotten more rickety over time, or just that we're getting more and more used to the advanced technology of the steel coasters. Not sure the answer to that one, although I know some steel ones that hurt more than the wooden. I was fun to remember times going to kings dominion with friends and riding the coasters over and over and over. aaahhh, happy times :).

We had 3 days packed full of activity, we were all exhausted and we actually left the park BEFORE closing (not something I usually like to do!). We had our fun, AND Sam and Joel's flight left at 6am on Thursday. So we headed home, picked up Evi, set our alarms and went to bed.
*7/9: Airport. I was greeted at 5:05am by Sam, telling me that is was 5am!! Remember, their flight left at 6!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow. I mistakenly turned my alarm off. Joel set 3 and I think Sam did too, and we still managed to get up at 5. Joel packed Wednesday night. Sam was on facebook. So we raced to stuff all his stuff in the suitcase and ran out the door and flew to BWI. I mean flew. I mean we were going 90 on 95 and the whole time I was thinking they weren't going to make it and that I would get a terrible ticket. They had to check one bag too, which made things even scarier for time. I saw a cop on one of the turn offs, as I sped by at a crazy made me slow down a bit but he didn't come after me. I pulled to the sky cap and the guy said we should go in, because I think it was 5:45 or 5:50. I go in, ask a woman at the first class desk for help, she said there was time and to wait in line. Well, after sneaking to an open kiosk that no one was using, it turned out that we HAD to have an agent check them in because Joel was 15!! We go back to the super nice first class lady who agrees to help us, and not wait in the horrendous line. Just as they're getting checked in, Sam looks to my illegally parked car and says that I'm getting a ticket!!!! AUGH. I left them, ran outside and intercepted the cop, plead to him to let me leave it there for 5 minutes, and he told me I had to go park it. I got in the car, watched him pull away, then pulled the car forward 10 feet, parked again, and ran back inside to check on them. I didn't see them and then I heard from down the hall, "Shelly, we're good. Love you!" I shouted back, "you're gonna get on??" He says yes. I shout, "I love you too."
My heart didn't stop racing for HOURS. I can't believe they made it on. It helped that the flight actually left at 6:15 not 6, but still, I can't believe they made it on. We were TRULY watched over that day. After they got back home to Minnesota that afternoon, Joel was turning around to leave AGAIN on a later flight that evening. Had he missed the morning flight, everything would have been messed up. Oh man oh man oh man. I tried to go back to sleep when I got home, but my pounding heart made it a little more difficult to have restful sleep! I took it easy for a few days following all the excitement!!

That's all I have time for in this post. I'll try to get some pictures up and then more on my last 2 weeks!

Oh yea, and they loved EFY, so the trip was very much worth while!! OH, and if you read the last post, they got their money back for the fans. Turns out, the college or EFY people gave all the kids fans if they didn't have AC. I'm glad for that.