Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm doing a poll. Please weigh in!

This post will also serve as a bit of an announcement, as well as a poll. Ron and I have been discussing a conference he has the option to attend in May (Memorial Day weekend). I don't think he should go, and he thinks it would be fine, so I told him I'd take it to the blogging world to get other opinions.

Why don't I think he should go away Memorial Day weekend? Because we're expecting this delivery on or around May 12th:
His Points:
-He'll take Evi so I won't be alone with a newborn AND a 3 year old
-It's only 3 days, not a week
-When Evi was 3 weeks old, he tore ligaments in his ankle and was unable to walk without crutches for several weeks, and I did "fine" then (his words. because if you ask me, I didn't do "fine", and he was at least there to help me change diapers and other sitting down things).

My Points:
-Being left alone with even just a newborn (without the 3 year old) can't be a picnic
-I'll still be healing from birth
-I'll have no help
-He'll be in Florida; not a distance that he could come home early if there's a problem
-That's still the time that I'm not supposed to drive or lift anything heavier than the baby, and doctor's instructions are to get all the rest I can.

I don't know, maybe I could deal with it. But do I want to? It would be nice to not have a 3 year old around for a few days, but I'm not quite sure I how feel about losing my helper at the same time.
He said he'd get the opinion of his (male) professor who has two kids--ask him what his wife would want him to do with a 2 week old at home in that situation. I told him I'd ask the blogging world. Please weigh in with your thoughts!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I almost skipped Halloween this year. I was going to make Evi a penguin costume with some basic thrift store buys, but since I was sick, I never went shopping and had no energy to do much. I was still sick on the day of our ward Halloween party and figured, since we didn't get her ready for that, we'd just skip the actual trick-or-treating on Saturday also (thinking Evi wouldn't miss it if she didn't realize it was happening). Little did I realize, she would indeed enjoy it. Ron thought we should take her, and thanks to Frugalityville, I learned that I could look for a $2 costume from Old Navy on the day of! We chanced it, and found a super cute lion costume that would also fit her next year. It was pretty cool that ALL of their Halloween stuff was $2 so we got a few different items!
She looked great, and she loved being a lion, and LOVED trick-or-treating. We first went to see Ron's grandmother and had some dinner with her, then went to his aunt and uncle's neighborhood to see them and go around for candy. The neighborhood is pretty close-knit. Many of the neighbors turn into a family and they spend time at eachothers homes, and it's just so nice to see that. It makes me want to live there too! Anyway, Evi loved it, got lots of "trick-or-treats" (candy), and I was so wrong about her not caring about Halloween this year! I learned my lesson and won't try to skip Halloween again! I've rationed her candy intake, but she keeps asking for "trick-or-treats". In fact, this morning, that was the first thing she asked for!

Not a conductor

Well, this post doesn't have much to it, but I figured I needed to update.
In church, I work with the young women. Last night we had a big group meeting with all the young women from the area called Young Women in Excellence. It's a night to celebrate all the accomplishments of the girls over the last year. I got a call the night before, asking me to conduct the music. My answer was that I really don't know music very well, but I could probably muddle through (since I was asked, I didn't really want to say no). I got there, looked at the song, and it was 4/4, and that I could handle, so I was ready to go. It turned out that there was a misprint on the program and the actual song was 2/2. Easy right, just wave your hand up and down. Well, I never quite had the right tempo (good thing the pianist wasn't going off of me), and I found out afterward I was waving my hand the wrong way (in, instead of out). And, it seemed that the only people watching me were people who know music, but at least I smiled my way through! I was happy to look at the program and see that there was no closing song!
The program was nice. We have one girl, and we combine with another ward with two girls. The three of them sang a song together, and it was beautiful, and quite touching. We asked them the Wednesday night before if they wanted the leaders to sing with them or not, and they decided that they could do it on their own. Of all the young women who sang songs last night, ours were the only ones who sang alone, without leaders. I was quite proud of them and really enjoyed listening to them.
That's about it. I'm not sick anymore, thank goodness. I was left with a bit of a cough longer than anything, but that's mostly gone too. I think the flu has left our home, hopefully for good. Maybe now I can finally start exercising again!