Thursday, February 25, 2010

New date?

I asked my doctor for an order for an ultrasound, and I was glad to get a second chance look at our daughter. This time around, the pictures I was given still weren't fabulous, but 1) Ron got to be there and 2) I got to see everything, so it was worth another go at it. She was sleeping for most of the time and had her arms infront of her face. In one of the views, her foot was next to her head! I wish I had gotten a picture of that to take home. As the ultrasound tech was finishing up, she told me that according to the baby's size, I have a new due date 2 weeks sooner! Hmm. I figure I'll wait until I see the doctor again next week to fully jump on board with the new due date though. Here is one of the 2 pictures I got, of the face. The arms were infront of her face but the tech did something with her wand and the arms went away!
Today I was in 'go for it' situation or a 'go buy more diapers' situation. We were down to 3 diapers in the house but Evi seems SO uninterested in using the potty. I thought that maybe this is the time--if I have no diapers she'll have to adjust and I'll have to clean a few messes in the process. She'll sit on her potty for a long while, but either only after she already went in her diaper, or she'll get up and go in her diaper or underwear. The candy reward didn't work, the new sticker chart I have up hasn't caught on yet. AUGH. I'm seriously doubting if I can do this potty training thing. I had really hoped to take care of this before we have another baby...but I don't know if I can handle it! When I told her pediatrition about where she is in terms of potty training, even he said she's not quite ready. Man, my child is so independent and strong willed. I'm sure those qualities will serve her well in life later on, but somtimes I find it challenging.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"You're a Mess"

My dad called all kids messes (lovingly, of course). I think he was right!

After dumping her entire bottle of bubble bath into her water when I left.

enjoying the leftover brownie batter from Daddy's birthday brownies

It is bugging me that I can't turn this picture the right way....but I have to accept it and move on. I have spent too much time on it already. But, this was during "naptime". After she dumped (and ate--see her mouth for evidence) the baby powder, she reached for a wipe to clean her mess.

Yes, she is a mess, but I love her dearly! Afterall, I was a mess first, many years before her!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Buds

Evi and Tim

Birthday #2

Speaking of birthdays (from previous post), Evi just turned 3!! Since we were leaving Utah 3 days before Evi's birthday, we had a family party on the 31st before we left. Erin, with her 3 boys, had some awesome cake pan molds for me to choose from to do a fun cake--spiderman, a train, or a dinosaur. I left the choice up to the birthday girl, and a dinosaur cake it was. I've never even turned a cake out of the pan to decorate, so I was a bit nervous as to how this cake would turn out. I guess the family blood helped out here, cause the cake was awesome and Evi loved it. (I say family blood in baking because my mom has been an amazing cake decorator and even made wedding cakes for my sisters, plus Ron's mom makes/decorates cakes, PLUS, Ron's grandparents owned a bakery! No pressure though to make a good cake!!!!!!!!). Well, here's my finished product. When Evi saw it decorated, she sighed out the words, "I wuuuv it" That's enough to melt this mom's heart!
The party was lots of fun, and really just a great excuse to get together with family one last time before we left. My grandmother was able to come, as well as my aunt and her family. We had a full house, lots of yummy food, and a great time. Evi loved opening her presents. She'd open one and then really before even seeing what it was, she'd say, "another present", while I wanted her to look at it and appreciate it before moving along! Ahh, I guess every mom has to go through this.

Evi was oh, so happy to receive her very own set of hot wheels from Aunt Amy! She has been loving playing with all of her cousins' cars, so she was thrilled to have her own!

The pictures below are from her actual birthday once we were home. I felt bad about not having a party or cake again, so she at least got another cake (notice that it is decorated in the pan)! She helped decorate this one herself! Mother nature also gave her a gift for her birthday: A Blizzard! In Tennessee we had a tornado on her first birthday, her second birthday was normal, but a blizzard for her 3rd. Erin jokingly asked us not to be in Utah for her 5th, in case they'll have the earthquake that is so probable there!


Saturday, January 30th would have been my dad's 73rd birthday. Instead of calling him or celebrating with him, I was left with memories and fond thoughts of my dad. I was a bit emotional about the day leading up to it and wanted to try to do something to honor him or remember him. Erin and I tried to brainstorm things we could do with our kids that dad would have done or suggested, but everything we thought of was an outdoors activity. In Utah in January, we didn't want to be outside too much. Ron thought of a great idea--to get a jamba juice smoothie for him! You see, he enjoyed jamba juice, and every time I visited I would often make runs to get some. Maybe he knew how much I loved them so would suggested getting a "jumbaliah" for my benefit, but either way, we both enjoyed it! In fact, when his weight was down in his last few months and he wasn't too interested in eating, a thick and hearty jamba juice helped to add some calories!

That morning as I was thinking about him, I thought back to my childhood, where dad often treated the kids to "Packer Family Pancakes" on Saturday mornings; always made from scratch. I decided to take Evi to IHOP for a pancake breakfast. Not even close to being from scratch in a family kitchen, but hey, it worked and we had a nice time.

After Evi's nap in the afternoon, Amy, Evi and I drove up to Salt Lake to see dad's grave. It was getting dark, and it was freezing, but I really needed to be there for him on his birthday, since I was actually in the state and could go. I had Evi pick out some rocks earlier in the day and put them on his grave (not nice "papa rocks", but some unpolished ones from a sidewalk--they need his expertise for polishing!). Dad did not like big celebrations for his birthday, but I know he liked to be thought of and remembered. And I am too much of a softy to let his special day go by without trying to do something. After the cemetary, we headed to Jamba Juice to get that yummy frozen treat in honor of dad.
That was that, Dad's birthday came and passed. I will love him forever and I am grateful I had him for almost 30 years. I wish I could have had him longer, but I am forever grateful for the example he was to me and for all the love that he always gave.