Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gift giving and a good lesson

I've read, and been told by other moms, that it can be a good idea for a new baby to bring a gift to the older siblings at the hospital. I've been trying to think of something that Evi would think was pretty cool, but wondering if I need to go small or big? Do I go out and buy something that I would never normally spend the money on, or stick with something small? Any tips from you moms out there?
I have been planning on making bean bags for her with the excess of beans that I have, but saving those to be from her baby sister just doesn't seem cool enough. I don't know--advice is welcomed!
On Sunday in church there seemed to be an overall theme of the day of don't be quick to anger. In all three meetings that's the message that really seemed to stick out. Be patient, be loving to those around you, don't get angry--even when you are wronged. Maybe that's just what I needed to hear. My patience has been getting shorter and it seems like Evi's will and independence is only getting stronger. I haven't been sleeping well, it got cold again after being delightfully warm and sunny, and I feel like I needed the reminder. So at least since Sunday I have been trying to be more positive and have been working on me. It's easy to get caught up in everything and forget to work on ourselves, and I'm glad for the reminder. It's only Tuesday, but I feel happier and enjoy the days more with a new outlook. It was especially good timing to think about this when yesterday I woke up to her bringing me (and smelling like) baby powder, which led me to the living room where there was a pile of powder on the floor and diaper cream smeared all over the couch. I'm not sure how long she was awake, but we spent the morning cleaning and I got her monitor plugged back in so I could hear her in the morning!

Monday, March 22, 2010

abbreviated posting

I was almost finished with a post to update with, and as I hit the backspace button to fix a typo, my browser went back and erased all my efforts. grrrr.
The shortened version:
-Baby's due date is still in May; my doctor isn't changing anything. I would welcome an early delivery I think, but whenever she needs to come out is when it'll be I guess!
-Got baby stuff out of storage and now trying to clean and organize to make it all fit. Doctor's call it nesting, but I simply just think of it as trying to make us all fit in a small space. Hopefully making some money off of this nesting/fitting into small space as we are trying to sell some less used things on craigslist and ebay (I already made $15....a step in the right direction!).
-Evi is slowly easing into using the potty. She has initiated use a handful of times in the last couple of weeks, and hopefully it'll stick. Although nothing for a few days....
-I'm now 33 weeks and reminding myself that I need time to rest more often! Evi was born in the winter, so I'm not used to it being warm while being large. I'm in new territory here and need more short sleeved maternity tops I think :).
-We have been loving warmer weather and I try to go walking with Evi most days. A couple of weeks ago I did sort of a part walk and part jog with her in the stroller--it must have been quite a site! It does feel good to be active though.
-Still trying to come up with a name for this baby girl. I want the name to have meaning and was hoping to associate it with my dad somehow. I still haven't found a combination I like with James, and I've started thinking about rock/gem names (it wasn't his career, but you could pretty much say he was a geologist. He loved all things rock). Plus, there was a nickname he gave me when I was a little girl, and I was thinking about shortening that to name my daughter. The bottom line is we're still searching...and we might just wait to meet this little girl before she has a name, as was the case with her big sister.

And....I guess that's all for now!