Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Gaga

For months, we have been asking Evi what we should name her baby sister. The answer has always been "baby Gaga". Even when we discussed specific names, it always came down to baby gaga, and we often called her that before her arrival too (heck, we still call her that sometimes!). We went into the hospital almost certain that we'd name the baby Elsie Ann; for my mothers grandmother and my fathers aunt. As soon as I laid my eyes on her, I knew that name didn't fit her. She was Jamie. I had wanted to name her after my dad, but never liked the idea of Jamie and but also never found another name that was really fitting of being any kind of relation to James that we liked. But looking at her sweet angel face, I had my Jamie and knew it. So Jamie Kathryn it is; Jamie for my dad and Kathryn is my middle name.
I had been feeling very ready for her to arrive and really feeling like I wouldn't go all the way until the 12th. I was right! Here is the condensed version: My water broke at 7am on Monday morning and we started the process of getting to the hospital. I wasn't having really painful contractions and almost the same thing happened with Evi's delivery, so I knew we didn't really need to rush too much. We checked in around 9:30-10am and waited for things to progress. The doctor gave me pitocin to encourage the labor and man did that help those contractions come hard and fast. I got the ever wonderful epidural sometime after 3pm and things progressed quickly from there and Jamie was born at 5:18pm. We're now a family of 4! It's been a decent adjustment, so far. I'm healing, Jamie is sleeping and eating pretty well and Evi and Daddy are both wonderful. Baby sister brought Evi some pretty sparkle princess shoes (thanks to Payless), and now when she wears them, she calls them the shoes "from baby sister". I guess that was a winning choice (she also brought a Dora memory game that says it's for ages 3+, but I think the shoes are more of a hit).

More adventures and pictures to come!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh, so glad

I am oh, so glad that this 8 pound 11 1/2 ounce baby decided to come earlier than her projected due date of May 12th! More pictures and her name to follow (we're still finalizing that one)! Everyone is healthy and happy, and a few of us are a little tired!