Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Great News!

I took Jamie for her two month appointment yesterday, and SHE'S GROWING!! That may not seem that exciting, but with all the concern over her slow weight gain initially, I was thrilled that she has gained over two pounds since her last visit. The doctor was quite pleased as well! Great job sweet angel!!

Some photos in the blessing dress my mom bought us:

I loved the pouty lip while sleeping. Maybe she's already working on the puppy dog look. The second picture is Jamie on Father's Day, wearing the hat that my 9 1/2 year old nephew made for her! Super cute if you ask me.

Evi and Daddy showing off the Father's Day gift that Evi created herself. A one of a kind original design. Ron actually loved it and they made another one together the next day! The second picture is just fun in the rain. Who doesn't love a good run around in the rain??

Evi adores her "babydoo"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Room to grow

Evi loves her new bed. But I guess she doesn't quite need all the space just yet!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 week hurdles

I seem to have bad luck when it comes to my babies being 3 weeks old. When Evi was 3 weeks, Ron "severely sprained" his ankle. He was in a cast and helped how he could, but he really couldn't do much for several weeks. The really bad luck thing about that was that my mom had just left town a few days before that happened. We adjusted and made it through, but there were some really hard moments for me then.

Fast forward 3 years:
When Jamie hit her 3 week mark, Evi had pneumonia and bronchitis and Jamie managed to catch some runny/stuffy nose and congestion and STILL wasn't gaining adequate weight (more below). Ron took Evi to the doctor for her never ending cold (we thought), and got on antibiotics for pneumonia. Other than being extra whiney, she didn't seem too phased by being sick. The next day, we took Jamie in for her congestion/weight check and were told to keep her upright 24/7. A few days later, her follow up appointment determined she was getting worse and BOTH girls needed to be on breathing nebulizer treatments. Evi 3 times a day, Jamie twice.

On the weight issue: Jamie lost a pretty significant amount of weight shortly after birth so we had a lot of doctor visits to check on her gain. I also had two different visits with lactation consultants to see if we could figure out a problem (I got some good advice, but we didn't find any major problems in my milk or her drinking). When I took Jamie for her 5th weight check appointment, she had FINALLY reached (and surpassed) her birth weight. I was excited, but the doctor told me it still needed to be more. I took her back at least two more times due to the congestion + her one month appointment, and the doctor is finally pleased with her weight. So finally some weight gain AND the pneumonia is gone!

After so many appointments with different professionals with differing opinions, it comes down making the best informed choice I can as Jamie’s mom as to what will help her. I’ve taken bits and pieces from all of them and I think Jamie seems to be thriving. Most of the time, I’m ok too!

Three week curse or not, it was a busy time. I’m so glad I had Ron and my mom to help! Now Jamie is 5 weeks and getting bigger and more alert. Evi adores her baby sister and has been a sweet girl through this adjustment.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Year

I have lots I need to update about our family of four, but not now. Now my mind is on today...June 5, 2010. One year ago I lost my dad. It's strange how the time passes and life moves on, but he is always on my mind. In my family I'm dubbed as the emotional one, and they're right. In April, before my dad died, he actually told me that he worried that it was his fault that I was emotional or sensitive. After thinking about it some, I told him I am glad that I am. I feel like I have a lot of passion and care deeply about things and people. But it also did make me think about how I got to be so. Being the youngest of 5 girls probably has a lot to do with it, but I also wondered about how my teenage years added to it. My dad started getting really sick when I was in high school, when it was just my mom, dad, and me at home. There were many times that I thought he was going to die and I had a hard time thinking about losing him. I don't know how it came about, but of my sisters, I seem to indeed be the emotional one.
It's been a long year with some big challenges. I never even posted anything about going to Utah for the funeral last year. I think it was too hard for me to do that. But now I can try to focus on the good. The day of the funeral was very taxing on me. It was wonderful to be with family and to share good and funny memories of my dad after the service at a luncheon. That night, I'm not sure how we got going, but all of us started playing games. We were having so much fun playing some of the games Dad taught us as kids, plus some new ones too. I think I'm the one who brought up (remember, I'm the emotional one!) the fact that it seemed almost irreverent to be having so much fun on such a sad day, but how much that Dad would have preferred us laughing and having fun to moping around being sad. We all needed that release; we needed to be silly and have a fun time with our siblings and family. We even tried to set up some game nights after that one, but none worked out quite as nicely as that first night. I guess Dad was popping in to play with us one last time.
I talked to Erin the other day, who told me that her family was going to go rock hunting today, on they day that will be "Grandpa Day" in their house. I thought that was a great idea, and started trying to come up with things to do on "Papa Day" for us. My dad was all about family time and family outings and enjoying our time together. Since Ron had to work and proctor his online class all day, we had to stick close to home if we were going to be together. Last night, we bought a big pool for our yard and I blew that up for Evi this morning. We spent all morning and early afternoon playing outside and in the pool and enjoying the time together. For me, that was something my dad would have enjoyed and loved. It's not a great getaway to the beach or anything educational (because we always had to learn something about the places we went as kids), but with a newborn and a husband who has to be on the computer for work, it was a good compromise that provided some great fun.
The day is half over--both girls are sleeping and Ron's doing his online class. We hope to continue the family fun after naptime.
I'm really glad for a husband who is so supportive of me and my strong connection and bond (and sensitivity!) to family. He is also an amazing dad, and I'm hoping that our girls will feel just as strongly about their dad as I have always felt about mine. Family is precious. My parents taught me that. I hope that my sweet angels learn the same thing from Ron and me.