Friday, July 30, 2010

because I'm new at this...

I need some advice from some of you mom's out there. I want to put Evi in some sort of pre-school and have 2 to choose from.
#1) I've heard great things about this place but it isn't cheap. I spoke with someone there and it sounded like I could most likely get a scholarship to help with the tuition, but there are still additional one time, non-refundable fees. However, it seems like a great school. Plus, it's a co-op so I would be required to go and help 1-2 times a month, plus take on an administrative responsibility. I thought that I would probably enjoy that aspect since I'm not working. The class for Evi's age group is full, but she could get in the class just below her, however there are also kids close to her age in that class. She'd be first on the waiting list for the correct class though.
#2) Isn't a traditional school, it is at a community center. The teachers are wonderful though and I still think Evi would do well. With the full scholarship to the first option (which is not definite), the price per month for this option would be just a little bit more. But the class is 30 minutes longer per day and it is not a co-op so I wouldn't be as involved. Just drop off and pick up.
So I'm looking at co-op vs. traditional I guess. Not quite sure which way to go. I really just want to provide a good environment for Evi to learn and grow with some other kids her age. Both are two days a week, but the correct class that is currently full for option #1 would be 3 days a week. I'm not sure if she needs 3 days a week just yet though. Hmmm.

Are/were your kids in pre-school? What did you do? What did you like/dislike? What are some things you learned about the process?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a first

Both of my girls are napping at the same time, and they have been out for a while now! I've actually been able to get some things done this afternoon! Oh, it's also a first for Evi sleeping in underwear instead of pull ups. I'm not convinced that the pull ups help her, so I'm attempting the 'no turning back' approach and keeping her in underwear. She already had an accident at the park this morning, but has done ok at home. I may turn back soon, but this is just today's attempt. She is sleeping on top of an extra mattress pad and a towel though, because I am realistic. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I can't stop crying...

I am finally trying to put together my wedding album. From seven years ago. The pictures have been sitting in a box waiting patiently for me to get to them. I got through the pictures up to the reception and couldn't hold back the tears when I got to these. This man had so much love to give and I'm so glad to be his daughter. I have one picture of Ron dancing with his mom for the album, and I'm trying to choose between the 5 or 6 pictures of my with my dad. It's just a little lopsided.
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As for the album, it's still a work in progress. Evi will get home tonight so my progress might just be halted for awhile...we'll see!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

scratch that

Did I say that Ron would have to study like it's his job? Well, he will, but not until after a short trip to Michigan for the weekend!
Ron's family has a reunion canoe trip every year in Michigan, and he hasn't been since he was a kid. His Grandmother and Uncle (and his 2 kids) go every year, and on Tuesday his grandmother was telling us about the upcoming trip--leaving Thursday. Normally, I'd be all for a spontaneous adventure, but with just buying a new car and the expenses involved in a trip, mixed with having a baby (preventing me from actually going on the canoe), I suggested to Ron that he could go and ride with his Uncle and take Evi. You know, he actually decided to do it! they left on Thursday and will come back on Sunday.
I have quite been enjoying my one on one time with Miss Jamie, and am really glad that Evi gets lots of Daddy time. He took a camera, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of their adventure to post!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping Busy

Jamie is now a little more than two months and things are busy! It finally feels normal to have two kids, although it still takes forever to get out of the house with everyone and everything.

-Evi is loving being a big sister but sometimes forgets just how gentle she needs to be with her baby sister.

-Jamie is smiling a lot and making those cute baby noises that infants make AND sleeping all night, which is super. If only we could get Evi to sleep longer then we'd be set.

-At her check up Jamie was in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th (!) for length.
-We bought a plastic pool for our yard and Evi loves swimming in it whenever she can. I would LOVE to be taking her to the real pool, but with Jamie and all the stuff we'd need to cart in, I'm happy to have a back up.
-We celebrated our 7th anniversary in June. A friend watched Evi and we went to the Cheesecake factory (a rare treat) for dinner with Jamie, expecting her to sleep like she normally does when we're out. Wrong. The restaurant was really loud and it seems that Jamie really doesn't like loud noise, so we didn't have the evening we thought we would! HA. Do parents ever get what they plan for?? Either way, we still had a nice time and it's already been 7 years!

-Evi made a shirt for Ron for Father's day (a picture is on the last post). I had great intentions of writing "We love our Daddy" or something mushy like that, and then painting both girls handprints on the shirt. Evi, however, had a different plan and went to town splashing paint all over the shirt. I let go of my plan and let her had fun, and it turned out to look really cool. Ron loves it and wears it all the time, and even made another one with her the next day.

-Evi, Jamie and I drove up to Gettysburg one day to meet up with Amy and her family on their cross country drive from Utah to New Jersey (where her husband is from). Gettysburg was one of their educational and historical stops and we couldn't miss the opportunity to go see them. They opted to buy the car/cd tour so we drove from stop to stop and listened to the history on the cd, which was probably the best way to see the most. However, with and infant and a 3 year old, I might not recommend that trip unless you are really a history buff OR have a lot of time (which we didn't, because we still had to go to another sisters house and they were STILL driving to New Jersey that night). Evi was pretty good, but she wanted to get out at every stop (which we didn't do) and she didn't always get back in right away. Jamie was great although she needed to eat during the trip. I may or may not have nursed her in a moving car going 5-10 miles per hour. It was really great to see Amy's family, even if only for a few hours. We took the scenic route (thanks to GPS' "shortest" route, rather than "fastest") to Jen's house and had a yummy dinner together before their continued drive.

-4th of July weekend our family went to visit my best friend Evin and her family in their first home! We had a fantastic weekend visiting with them, enjoying their great new house, going to the beach (they are about an hour from Virginia Beach), and watching our girls play together. We celebrated Shelby's birthday, Evin's birthday AND Independence Day all in one weekend! It was all very super and I look forward to going back!

Jamie slept most of the time at the beach (or ate) and Evi LOVED playing in the water!

-On the way there, and while there, Evi did extremely well using the potty by herself. We might just see a potty trained girl yet. Since then, we've had some great days, some not so great days, and some really busy days that have required diapers or pull ups, and neither one helps our efforts. With this girl it seems to be all or nothing, and I'm still to nervous to take her out without the protection of at least a pull up. At least we're on the right track.
-On the way home, our car died. We were pretty much half way between there and home (on a 4-5 hour drive) and were stuck (on the first record setting heat day of the summer) for 5 hours at a lumber yard on the side of highway 17! An amazing family friend picked us up and used her AAA to tow our car home for almost free. The car is not worth the amount we'd have to pay to fix it so...

-We bought a new car yesterday! We shopped around and did lots of research and bought a used Nissan Murano. No pictures yet, it's been a busy couple of days. Ron loves it. In fact, when I said I needed to go to the store tonight, he quickly volunteered to go and opted to head to Walmart instead of Target, because it would mean a longer drive (WHY isn't there a walmart in the HUGE college town of College Park. Come on walmart!).

-I have started to try to run again. My biggest hurdle is getting up early enough to go before it gets too hot. Today we went as a family around 10am, and it was already super hot and humid. I just have to make a regular routine to go, cause I want to get this baby weight off. Nursing really doesn't seem to help me lose weight AT ALL, so I've got to take things into my own hands! Ron and I plan to do the P90X program together, and run together. We'll see how it all plays out.

-Ron just finished teaching two classes for the first 6 week summer session; one online and a weight lifting class. Now that school is out, and the car is purchased, he can mostly focus his efforts on preparing for his comprehensive exams that he plans to take late summer/early fall. Apparently, these exams take extensive preparation and he has to study like it's his job. Once he passes those, he will then be a phd candidate which is a huge stepping stone in the program. He's teaching his own course in the fall, as opposed to being a teachers assistant like he has been every semester to this point. He won't have any TA's to do the grading for him, which isn't great, BUT the class is pretty small and only meets once a week so it won't take up all of his time.

I think that about sums up the last month or so!