Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I did it!!

My mom sent me a sewing machine a month or so ago. I had a "lesson" with my sister and learned some of the basics. I had been wanting to make a simple blanket for Jamie with ribbons that she can play with or chew on and I finally made it tonight! Thanks to Holly for sharing some of her scrap ribbons with me so I had plenty of variety! This blanket is not even close to being perfect, but seeing how it's for an infant, I don't think she'll mind my errors. I'm so proud of my simple little achievment!!! Woohoo for learning to sew! The true test will come tomorrow when we see if she likes it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcome To Minnesota

This is what I woke up to this morning. So much for not hitting the Twin Cities, Mr. Weatherman.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaving again...

I don't really have time to write at the moment, but I thought I'd take a quick minute. I'm leaving again today for another trip. I feel really fortunate to have been able to travel a bit in the last month. Last weekend I went (with Evi and Jamie) to visit Evin and her family in Suffolk, Va. As it turns out, one of my wonderful friends from growing up (Julie McGraw) lives about 30 minutes from Evin and we were all able to visit and catch up some. Pictures to follow, but no time now! It was wonderful to be with such great people!
I'm now trying to pack my things to head out to Minnesota to visit my sister and watch two of her boys in a play this weekend. The best part about this trip is...........I'm only taking Jamie! I am looking forward to a little bit of a break. Heck, I'd probably go kid free all together except for the fact that I'm still nursing Jamie and I don't want to risk losing that just yet.
Some fun facts about Jamie now: she is six months; she has two teeth; she rolls around everywhere and is just about crawling (!); as of last weekend she can now sit herself up (!); she has super long legs and has therefore turned many of her pants into Capri's; she has one dimple on the right cheek; she eats her solids quite well but still wakes up occasionally at night; she absolutely did not like getting two shots at her 6 month check up :(; but all in all she is just super cute and wonderful!
Fun facts about Evi: she is loving school; she has started waking up earlier and earlier, and I so loved the 8:30/9am ish time she was waking up; she is...dare I say it....potty trained (has been for months, but I guess I'm afraid to admit it because it might jinx it or something!); she is just such a big girl and says some pretty funny things sometimes! She seems to be quite a problem solver and leader. She asked for something to eat that seemed gross to me, and I told her so. She said, "don't worry, you don't have to like it, I'm going to eat it. You don't have to." And she was right, so she ate it! I love to see her grow and change and the time is flying by.
I adore these girls and am so glad to get to be their mom!

Picture updates for a future post :).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This morning I taught a water aerobics class and then chatted with some the guards afterward. When one of the guards found out I was mormon, she said she knew a joke about mormons and proceeded to tell it to me. Well, she didn't remember how it went exactly, but the point was that if you put a mormon in a room alone with a beer, they will drink it. If you put several mormons in a room with a beer, no one will touch it because they won't want anyone knowing they drink.
First of all, when you find out someone is a particular religion, why tell them a joke you know about their religion? But second of all, I was bothered by this joke because I think there is truth to it. I've known, or known of people who let people believe they are believing and practicing Latter-day Saints, only to go out and drink/smoke/do whatever they want when no one they know from church is looking. Then continue to live some charade. WHY? It bugs me that this happens because the people they ARE drinking with see 'the mormon' as doing all this stuff that is supposedly against the rules. Why bother telling people that you follow any religion if you're not going to live up to the standards of that religion? Why set that example to your friends so that there are even jokes made about the mormons who don't drink around other mormons?? At least if you're going to say one thing and do another, you could tell those people who see you as the "mormon" that you may be a member of the religion, but you don't believe it or follow it any longer...or something.
Well, for the record, there are plenty of mormons who follow the teachings and standards of the church.