Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Five Dollars!

If you grew up around here, you have to remember that commercial: "Just fiiiive Dollas". Right? For some electronics item or something. Or pawn? Not sure. Well, anyway, on Friday I spent five dollars on a very fun family activity!

We went to Watkins Park to do the drive through Festival of Lights, and I feel like it was worth the money and quite well done. In fact, we actually turned around and drove through a second time because Evi really liked it. Since it's been so cold, this was the perfect option to staying warm while enjoy christmas lights (some people actually went through on a hayride, yet I was completely content to be enclosed in my warm car). I would really like to go to the Temple as well as Brookside Gardens to look at the lights there, so hopefully I'll brave the cold and get us out there!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip to Virginia in pictures

I wrote a little while back about a weekend trip I took the first weekend of November to visit Evin (near VA Beach). We had a fantastic time as always. This time, we had a special treat because we got to visit my amazing friend Julie. Sometimes there are friends that have touched you so much in your life, they will always be special and always a friend, no matter how much you talk. I haven't seen Julie in at least 7 years. We have e-mailed here and there, but seeing her again was wonderful and made my heart happy :). It is so nice to see old friends, even if it's just a few hours here and there. Plus, I was so glad to meet her 4 great kids. What a double treat, to visit Julie WITH Evin.
Julie, Evin and me: I love these girls.

All of our kids!

Evi and Eliza hit it off well!

Evin, Shelby and Jamie

The three musketeers on the swings.

We saw a couple of goats at the animal park...


Jamie mastered sitting up all on her own on our visit! Posted by Picasa

some sayings around here

Some of the things Evi has said lately:

While praying and being thankful for everything, Evi (who was looking around and must have seen our poster of Elvis) said, "Thank you for Elvis who lives in the CD."

She wanted to call my sister, and when she had to leave a message, she said, "Hello Jenny. It's me, the message lady."

I asked her today what Christmas songs she knows the words to. She started singing this one, "I like Jesus, I like Santa, but I don't like you." Hmm, don't know that one.

Oh, and our favorite. She tells us 'secrets' all the time that always start out with, "cheese and crackers and a fish swimming in the sea...." and then she'll add some other fun little thing such as "and a monkey sitting in a tree" or "and a bear riding a bike" or really anything. She always tells us a secret before bed and will whisper it in our ear.

She really likes to play "mad girl". This is simply making a mad face and being all grumpy, then I'll tickle mad girl away and bring out happy girl. One time I was pushing her on a swing and she told me she wanted to swing as mad girl. Yes, I took a picture, even though she was happy girl 2 seconds later. Here are two of our recent mad girl looks.

Fun stuff with this little one.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Third

This cute girl:

Is 7 months old today! She still has just two teeth; has been crawling for about 2 weeks; sits up great on her own; laughs and giggles; does a fun thing by putting the back of her hand against her mouth and then moving her hand/wrist all around (hard to describe but pretty fun to watch at least); prefers to be around people rather than in a room alone; chews on everything; is quite a happy girl in general; and most importantly she HAS A NEW ROOM. I always said I'd put her in the room with Evi as soon as she slept through the night, but her sleeping through the night was sporadic until after we got home from Minnesota. 2 or 3 days after we got home, I put her in her new room and took back mine! Even better than that, I rarely have to wake up at crazy hours. The transition went/is going fairly smoothly, and I think we're all happy with the new arrangements. Finally.

this is the best picture we have where you can see her teeth--even though you barely can. Evi captured this one!

And this cute girl:

Got 3 stitches in her lip last night :(. She fell and hit her mouth on a speaker and split her lip right open. Thanks to some wonderful close-to-family support and some kind people at Holy Cross, the night went smoothly. Evi was amazing and calm through the whole process, and got to celebrate with a popsicle! She's back to normal now...just with strings coming out of her lip for a few days.

Minnesota in Pictures

I had a wonderful trip to Minnesota in November. The purpose of the trip (besides a one child only getaway) was to watch two of my nephews in their school musical, Aida. It was quick and a bit of a whirlwind, but super fun. It was exciting to watch Joel and Nathan perform, and I got to see them twice (with a babysitter both times!). I think I am still just a kid at heart because from the front row, I kept trying to make eye contact with both of them to make them laugh. hehe, it worked once with Joel, then he didn't look at me anymore! Thank you Kris and family for a wonderful weekend!!

*I was quite proud of myself for ONLY packing one carry-on bag for the two of us for the weekend. This meant laundry AND borrowing coats and buying baby food and diapers in Minnesota, but it was quite nice to just have one little bag!
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