Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Sunday was my dad's birthday and I guess last year started what might be a tradition of trying to do something special in honor of him. This year, I took my girls downtown to the Natural History museum to look at all the "Papa rocks". What a perfect way to think of him. I can't remember a time in my life that our home didn't have all kinds of rocks on display. He loved geology, he loved learning and teaching and he adored his family. So, we learned (about plenty more than just rocks!), took in some beautiful sights of rocks, and spent the day with eachother. Evi loved it and well, Jamie tolerated it :).

Happy Birthday to a wonderful dad. Thank you for teaching me how to love.

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January Fun

The wet snow last week was perfect snowman building material! Evi was excited to add "her" scarf to our chilly friend. It was quite fun to play in the snow with her and I'm glad Jamie slept right through it! I know she liked making the snowman, but I think her favorite part was eating the snow.

I took full advantage of the Baltimore Aquarium 'Friday after Five' special when the tickets are $8 each instead of $25 (winter time until March). We added the dolphin show for $4 more and had a wonderful time. We were really glad that our friend Danielle and her kids (who are almost exactly the same ages as Evi and Jamie) could join us. I have always loved the Baltimore Aquarium, and I love it even more when it's cheap(er). Fun times were had by all!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The next step

It's official: Jamie is cruising. She has now figured out that she can take steps while holding onto things. She is such a happy baby and really puts a smile on my face. It's hard to be sad when looking into those baby blues!

I was watching Shark Tale with Evi and heard a great line at the end. Angie says, "what about being a somebody?", and to that, Oscar says, "I'm nobody without you". Aww. That's sweet and who wouldn't want to hear that? I'm nobody without you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift store or school yard??

This evening we went to Value Village Thrift Store to look for a baby/toddler activity table for Jamie. They were having a 50% off everything sale so it was a good day to look.

Ron was with Evi and Jamie in one of the aisle's of toys, and I was several rows away looking at the activity tables. All of the sudden I hear Evi screaming and thought she got in trouble for something, and walked over to find Ron holding my sobbing girl because a boy PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE. That's right. She was playing quietly and minding her own business and apparently (Ron saw all of this take place) a little boy yanked the toy away from Evi and then punched her in the face for no reason. And when Ron says that he punched her, he said, "he cocked his elbow back, made a fist and punched her like a school yard fight. He has clearly seen this or done it before." By the time I walked over there, the mom was scolding the boy and the store POLICE MAN was hovering. The mom made him apologize and the police man checked to see if Evi was ok, and then I guess that was that. The mom was also stressing to him to never lay a hand on a female. Ron wondered what they would have told him if he had punched a boy in the face instead of a girl? The poor thing, he is only 3 and probably had some bad examples somewhere. I know kids hit and shove, but this was beyond 3/4 year old hitting and shoving.

WHO DOES THAT? Just punch another kid in the face for no reason?? My poor Evi. She was ok, but wasn't interested in the toys after that. Hopefully this will help her not to hit!

Punching aside, we got some great deals at least. We found Evi a Bike and helmet, plus an activity table for Jamie and a few other little things and paid $6.50. And we got Evi a frosty on the way home since we felt so bad about her getting punched. :(

Monday, January 3, 2011

December was busy!

I will attempt to play catch up from the month of December so I can record some of our fun events!
December 11: Church Christmas party. We had a great turn out and Evi had a blast running around with her friends and Jamie was great throughout the entire thing. There was a game we could choose to play during dinner where we had to find a person who had done various things listed. We couldn't put one person more than once and the point was to get to know people. I have done this game a lot (thanks to Recreation Management at BYU!) and actually was happy to play it and get to know some of the people I hadn't met before. It worked, cause I feel like I met a lot of people that I don't get a chance to chat with at church AND I won a candy bar :). Once Santa came, I waited in line with Evi and she sat on his lap, asked for a toy duck, and got her candy cane. She was shy at first, but nothing like previous years :). It wasn't until the next day that I realized we didn't have JAMIE sit on Santa's lap for her first Christmas! oops. Sorry sweetie. I love you and adore you, I just didn't think about it since you are a sweet little baby. Maybe next year?

December 15: Holiday Concert and NASA Visitors Center. I took the girls to support a friend in a holiday concert that was held at NASA (needed a visitors badge and all!), and afterward, I thought we'd try out the visitors center to see if there were any kid friendly things. We had a blast playing 'astronaut', putting a giant puzzle together, coloring a Christmas ornament and more. I think we were there for over an hour. I took some pictures of us flying in outer space!

December 17: Gingerbread House with Friends. This ended up being Evi eats a bunch of candy, help a bit with the house, then play with friends and toys. I believe her exact words to me were, "you can finish, I'm going to go play." HA! Thanks Ev! Well, I had fun chatting with friends while attempting my first gingerbread house (which has much room for improvement in upcoming years). I recently found out why this friend from church, Robyn, looked SO familiar to me when I met her last fall. It's because we were freshman at BYU-Hawaii at the same time. We didn't know each other there, but you can't go there and NOT recognize someone, so we got to chat about our time there in between making houses and feeding babies! Also, during the gingerbread making, Jamie got her first taste of sugar. She was being super wiggly and found some apple flavored licorice that kept her still! Andrew got some great shots of Jamie's first candy!

That's part of the month! Christmas was great this year. We spent Christmas Eve with Ron's Mom's side of the family, enjoyed all of Christmas morning at our house, then saw Ron's dads side of the family that evening, and then my sisters family the day after! It is wonderful to have extended family around and also really nice to enjoy some of our own family time too.