Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fun stuff

My computer and/or internet connection has been super slow lately and I haven't been able to upload the pictures I want with a post I was working on.  So I'll just stick with this one for now, of my budding swimmer.  Hopefully she'll always be a little 'water baby'!  Last week at the pool was the first time I have seen her actually swimming!  She would leap forward into the water, kick her legs and wave her arms.  She has a way to go in terms of technique and coordination to propel herself forward, but I was still so proud of her!  It was really exciting for me to see her swim!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It was a hit!

Evi's first friend birthday party was a hit! Just ask Jamie!! More pictures and stories to follow.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

it runneth over...

I think I passed through some sort of parenting rite of passage the other day.  I was changing Jamie in the girls' room when Evi came in from the bathroom saying, "Mommy, the toilet is getting everything all wet!"  I did indeed hear the water running, but I thought it was the sink!  AAAHHHH.  Luckily, it was clear water coming over, but indeed the bathroom was soaked!  I will spare the details (but they are clean details at least!), but between having to run in and out of the house all afternoon--including taking Evi to school 10 minutes later, and having no luck with any of the fixes I was trying, the toilet wasn't fixed until the early evening.  All I know is she used a lot of toilet paper, but there was no visible clog and I couldn't plunge anything.  What a disaster.  Throughout the day I heard different stories of what parents had to fish out of toilets when the water wasn't clean, so I'm really really glad for the clean water.  Heck, I dropped the toilet paper roll holder into my parents toilet by mistake 2 YEARS AGO, and I'm supposed to be an adult!  haha, parents are always parents :)!
I was incredibly grateful to take the sopping wet towels and bathmats to my home away from home a few blocks away at the Heaths to wash it all in one load in a gloriously big washing machine.  As opposed to my tiny-would-have-taken-3-loads-to-get-it-all-in stackable washer!  All is well, but it sure made for an exciting afternoon!

Tall kids

I took Evi and Jamie for their regular check ups this week.  Warning to parents who have not yet had the 4 year check up--it's a DOOZIE.  Evi got 5 shots!  Poor kid.  AND we left with an order to get bloodwork done (meaning go to another office and have them stick her one more time to draw her blood!).  I didn't have the heart to do that on the same day, so that is something we'll do next week.  Normally she takes the shots like a champ, but she was not having it that day and I had to hold her to keep her from moving!  We made it through and I think the frosty she had afterward helped her feel a little better.  Then getting to play with a friend after that really helped.  The doctor told me she was in the 50th percentile for her weight (36lbs), but "above 90th percentile" for her height (41 1/2 inches, although now that I think about it, she wouldn't raise her head while they were trying to measure her).
Then he looked up Jamie (17lbs 11oz) and told me she was about the same in weight (50th) and 95th percentile for length (28 1/2 inchs)!  Sheesh, I guess these girls are tall.  People have been asking for a long time, "Is Evi tall for her age?" and I suppose now I know she is!  No wonder Jamie is moving through pants so quickly :).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's not forget the 9 month old

Evi is 4, and Jamie is 9 months! My how time flies. I take them both to the doctor for their check-ups tomorrow so we shall see how they've grown!
Some fun pictures of Jamie:
I'm not sure if all babies do this, but Jamie really prefers to sleep with things against her head. She will either be in the corner of her bed or against a blanket or a toy of some sort. I took of picture of her this night, and then moved her since it did worry me a bit to see her jammed so tight into the side!
Also, we went to Wendy's with their Great Grandma Mower a few days ago and Jamie had her first french fry. She loved it :)!
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Evi is 4! Parties 1, 2, and 3

Evi has already celebrated her birthday 3 times, with one more party to go! I made fish cupcakes to take to her school class on Thursday and I got to be in her room for about 30 minutes. It was really rewarding for me to just observe Evi in her school environment. Jamie was a HIT with a bunch of the little girls and we had fun playing for a little while! Evi seemed really happy to have me come with her cupcakes and she loved having fish AND sprinkles! What a fun kid :).
 Then her actual birthday was Saturday and she started the day at a swim lesson. I wanted to do something for her that night so had e-mailed her Grandma earlier in the week to see if she wanted to go to dinner or something. She suggested Chuck E Cheese and it sounded fun so we went for it! Other than it being PACKED with birthday parties, it was a fun night. The parties dissipated after awhile and Evi really liked playing all the games. I didn't get many good pictures while we were there, but here is a great one of her chosen outfit for the night. Her new skirt over her jeans, her new purse, and her 2 sizes too big rain boots! Ok, so I'm too cheap to spend money on brand new boots that actually fit her, so when I found these boots a few months ago at a consignment sale, I figured she'd grow into them! HA! They kept falling off her feet, but it didn't dampen her fun in anyway! She loved the night, but I learned that if we go back, stick to the middle of a week day!
Tonight we had a family party with Grandma and Grandpa Just and family. The best news about this for her was getting to see her cousin Ashlyn! They were having too much fun playing together that I didn't even get a picture of them this time. But, I got a couple of her with her cupcake and candle!

What fun birthday celebrations. This lucky kid gets 1 more party, this time with friends! We have never had a friend party for her and I really wanted her to have something special. We'll be having a swimming party! WooHoo! AND, one of her great friends was born 2 weeks after her, so we are going to have a joint party for them. I am really looking forward to the party for a lot of reasons. One big reason is that it won't be at my house and there is far less planning involved when the kids will be in the pool the majority of the time :). But I am also quite looking forward to doing something special for my little angel. We can't give her a lot of material things, so I am really happy when we can have this special time just to celebrate her.
Evi is growing up so much and I love watching her and being around her. She has quite an imagination and loves to make up her own songs and tell stories to anyone who will listen. She even tells me sometimes that if I don't sing with her I'm going to go to jail, so I better sing! Evi makes some pretty great expressions with her face that just make this momma smile. As of a few weeks ago, she apparently has a boyfriend! I think I have finally confirmed that it is one of her teachers at church (it's a husband/wife team). She first asked me last week if she was going to see her "big boyfriend". Again today she asked me when we got to church, "Am I going to see my big boyfriend?", and finally confirmed that it is indeed her teacher. I talked to his wife today and told her I thought my daughter had the hots for her husband, she laughed and said that their first Sunday Evi would only sit with him! Then tonight at the party, I walked around the corner to hear Evi and Ashlyn talking about boyfriends! I heard Evi say, "I have a boyfriend" and then Ashlyn said she did too! Cute girl. Uh oh though, first crush at 4?? I'm in for it!
It is just really great to be her mom, especially when she is behaving!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JC Playdate

In 1999 I had the amazing experience and opportunity to live and go to school at the BYU Jerusalem Center (fondly referred to as the JC :) ). I've written a bit about it on this blog in the past and today gives me another chance to do that. Several people from that program are living in the DC area and a few of us have babies about the same age. We had a small east coast reunion a year and a half ago and that was the last time I have seen any of my Jerusalem friends.

Today we gathered in Alexandria and had such a nice time catching up, laughing about our time together way back when, and even tearing up at all the stinky stuff everyone has or is experiencing too! We all knew we were close to the same age, but realized today that we were indeed the same age and graduated high school at the same time.  Funny, because we had no idea and fun because now we all have babies the same age.  Thank you ladies for a great afternoon and good luck to Mindy who is moving to Mexico!!

Me with Jamie (9 months tomorrow), Jocelyn with Amelia (8 months), Mindy with Eliza (6 months) and Suzanne with Tait (8 months). Suzanne's 4 year old, Tenny and Evi were not interested in being in the picture with us!

We tried to get a picture of the girls surrounding Tait, but the 4 wiggly babies on the couch weren't interested in posing today! I like the second one, because it seems like Tait is celebrating his move to get closer to Ameila!!