Friday, May 20, 2011


I wrote this post months ago, but was never able to get the photos uploaded due to my poor internet connection.  I have found some luck tonight and will just get this thing posted :).

Now that it is MAY, I'll write that February brought a lot of Firsts my way:
The not so good Firsts:
1) First time dealing with an overflowing toilet (thankfully it was clear water overflowing, but still left us with a mess and without out a toilet for most of a day).
2) First time cleaning up vomit in my kids' bed (Evi)
3) First experience with a kid with an ear infection (Jamie).  How did Evi never get sick as a baby?
4) Second time putting both kids on breathing nebulizer treatments for illnesses. :(

Let's Dance!
The better firsts:
4) First time making [cute finger puppet] Valentine's for Evi's school exchange (which by the way, she was the only kid who brought in something homemade rather than purchased.  Way to go, us!).
5) First time throwing a birthday party for one of my kids, and it was a super fun pool party with a friend with a very close birthday!  Second time making a cool cake for a birthday though (last year it was a dinosaur), but first time making this super cool rainbow cupcake fish cake!
Celebrating their 4th birthdays together!
6) First time putting Jamie on the swing at the park.  She loved it!
7) March brought me my first trip to Florida AND first trip to Disneyworld.  Evi and Jamie too, of course :)

Now that it's May, we have had many more adventures.  Maybe one day I'll write about some of them!

Because I don't want to forget

We were at the zoo, and asked Evi if she wanted to see the Cheetah's.  She said, "Yes, I want to see the Cheeto's!  I love to see the Cheeto's!"

That's all.  :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There comes a time...

Before school , with both ponytails in tact
Most girls cut their own hair at some point in their childhood, right?  Having such a curious child might explain why I was so calm when I got to school to pick up Evi today, and her teacher took me out into the hall to talk to me before I greeted Evi.  In fact, she even suggested I sit down first, and handed me an envelope (containing Evi's hair!).  She had sent me an e-mail, but I hadn't checked it yet, so she told me the story of how Evi lost her ponytail.  Sigh.  I guess with Evi being Evi, it was only a matter of time.  Fortunately, she cut off the end ponytail, and not at the root of the head.  AND, I was just telling Ron on Sunday that maybe we should get her hair cut since it is so thin and scraggly.  I guess it is a winning solution.  But rather than try to fix it myself, I took her for a real haircut and got things fixed up nice.  Now we have a super short grown up looking bob and a new look on our adventurous kid! To top all of this off, it was her last day of school!  She sure went out with a bang!
The lone strand of hair left behind

The hair...

Jamie turned 1!

Jamie turned one year old a few weeks ago! So many things have happened that I haven't blogged about, but I wanted to at least throw this picture up! Love my girls. Funny thing about this cake is that she wouldn't eat it with her fingers, and started to cry when we put it in front of her but didn't feed it to her. We quickly got a fork and she and daddy ate it up!

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