Wednesday, June 29, 2011


For some reason, the pictures didn't come through on my original "Grandpa Week" post.  I have reposted them, and hopefully they'll work this time.  Hopefully more on the trip to come, but in all honesty, it may take awhile :).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grandpa Day? Try Grandpa WEEK!

Our family went to Utah, and were there over the anniversary of my dad's death. Since June 5th was a Sunday and we didn't want to do any major outings that day, we opted to have Grandpa day on Monday, which also led into Tuesday--doing family things and learning while having fun! But on Sunday night, we played games with the kids, then continued playing after they went to bed. After awhile, Ron made the suggestion to play Hearts (which happened to a popular game we played with dad). It turned out to be perfect to play that on that night with the joking and singing, and I actually shot the moon! He really must have been there with me, cause that never really happens :).
Monday we took the kids to a Childrens Discovery Museum and everyone loved it. In fact, we took two cars, and Erin had to leave earlier, but since Evi was having so much fun we stayed until they closed! When there weren't kids to play with, Evi just played with the employees! At one point, it was Evi and 4 employees doing an activity together. They got to build, play with giant billiard balls, giant dominos, human fusbal, shop in a mini market, play in a mini house, play in water, a farm, a construction zone, and all sorts of fun. There was also a beehive ball exhibit and Jamie loved to put the balls down the tubes. It was a great Grandpa day. It was just missing Grandpa (or Papa as Evi has always called him).
Tuesday we went to This is the Place Heritage Park. I had never been (that I recall), but it's a town set up in Pioneer times, and you go through learning about what life was like as a pioneer. We went to school, panned for gold, rode a ship, saw teepees, shopped at the local cooperative, saw TINY cabins where way too many people had to live, rode horses, did chores, and then some. It was a fun place and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves. At the little shop, all the kids wanted to buy some of the shiny rocks. So being in celebration of grandpa, we gave in. Yet I mentioned to Erin that it seemed wrong to buy rocks, when all the nice rocks that we have were found by my dad himself and then polished by his own hand (well, machine). But anyway, they all bought some Papa rocks.
The week before we went to the planatarium and walked on Mars and the Moon! We played at an awesome park, went jumping at Jump on It, and went to see Dad's Grave. I'd say it was a fun and uplifting Grandpa Week. Wow, how are we going to match this next year? I'm thinking a trip to Hawaii, right Sisters???

Here are some pictures of the Grandpa fun: