Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is my favorite time of year!  Therefore, I haven't been blogging much.  It will be impossible for me to recant my whole summer, but here are a few fun things.
I worked this summer coordinating the swim lesson program at the pool and it has been great!  I really love the job and the people I get to see every day (parents, kids AND the great people I work with).  One great aspect of the job, which made it a possibility for me in the first place was that I could take the kids with me.  At times it was a lot to juggle, but I work with some outstanding friends who helped me with the kids when I needed it.  As a result of most of our days spent at the pool, Evi is a fantastic swimmer now!  Really, I mean it.  She goes in the 9 feet and has no problem.  WHAT?  Yahoo for my water baby!!  She still won't really let me teach her anything, but fortunately she listened to her instructors in the lessons, at least some of the time!  At the staff end of summer party/cardboard boat race, she shocked many people by showing up in the middle of the pool (where it was about 5 feet deep).  One of the lifeguards actually dove in to help her, then got there and realized she didn't need any help.  It made me so happy to see my baby out there swimming.  I would love to see her actually do the proper strokes, but, hey, she's only 4.  The rest will come!  Jamie loves the pool too, but didn't get quite as many opportunities to swim as her older sister did.  But she seemed quite fearless on many occasions by squirming out of my arms in the pool to submerge herself.  She is comfortable in the water, and that's what I like.

Miss Independent x2

So in summary about the job--two thumbs up!  I loved it, I think it was good for the kids too.  It made for a busy summer, but not too busy to at least take a couple trips!  In May we went to Utah and in July we went to Myrtle Beach.  I am just a beach bum and feel at home when I am at a beach.  The calming sound, the breeze, the smells; I love it all.  More good news, Evi and Jamie both seem to feel the same way!  Only, there was a pool in the community we stayed in, and then Evi seemed to prefer the idea of that!  Ugh!  Evi had a really high fever while we were there and that kept us inside quite a bit for a few days, and Jamie's naps didn't always coincide with when we could all be at the beach.  All this beach bum of a mom wanted was family time at the beach!  It was limited, but there were a few occasions that we built some 'mower moments' together out at the beach.  It seemed that the most fun we had playing in the sand and water were the spontaneous times when no one intended on swimming.  But taking kids to the beach in dry clothes is just a silly idea to begin with!  Oh yea, and it was at Myrtle Beach that Jamie finally decided to walk full-time (at 13 months--just barely shy of 14 months)!  Yahoo!  No more skinned knees and ripped pants from all the crawling!
We took both kids to see fireworks this summer and it actually was a lot better than I expected.  Although it was loud, it didn't scare them too much and we loved watching with our extended family the Heaths :).  I got them matching shirts that say, "Miss Independent".  Knowing my kids, I couldn't resist :).

We took a spontaneous trip to the zoo a few days ago, and it's fun to see Jamie getting into things and excitedly pointing out animals.  I think the last time we took them Jamie wasn't super in to it.  Evi is quite a fun girl to be around.  Sometimes it's the opposite, but most of the time, it's really fun to talk with her and explore with her, and listen to her imagination run wild (for example, she has 2 or 3 brothers she often speaks of).  She really is growing up so fast.

So it's been a busy and hot summer, but I loved it.  I can't believe that schools start tomorrow and summer is ending.  I miss my days in Hawaii, and crave the chance to move back there or to New Zealand (a remote possibility).  Aaahhhhh.  Likely that neither will happen, so we'll keep on keeping on.  One thing is for sure--wherever I am, I adore my two girls and have loved playing with them all summer!  Winter: please stay away as long as possible.  I would love an unseasonably warm fall and winter!

I don't seem to have luck with pictures and blogging.  It's not letting me open the upload link right now, so no more pictures for this post.  At least I made a new Header :).