Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventure Day Downtown

Thanks to a friend and her great thinking, we took
 an adventure downtown today.  Danielle let me know that the Butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum was free on Tuesdays, and since we already LOVE that museum as it is, it was set.  Evi has been asking to ride the train (metro) for a long time, and just last week she asked if we could go to a museum.  We did go to the teeny tiny exhibit from the Greenbelt Museum that is on display in the Community Center last week, but how great that we could also see another [huge] one today.  I got all dressed and set to go, decided that I would only take a single stroller rather than lug my mammoth double jogger around the metro and museum.  BUT, just before I left, Danielle gave me motivation when she said she was jogging to the metro.  I changed, lugged out the mammoth, loaded the girls in and ran to the station that is farther from my house, because the easy option was just too close if I wanted to actually get somewhat of a run in :).  I haven't run with both girls since August and that stroller was heavy, but I still really enjoyed it.  I am so grateful for some nice weather in November to make this even possible! AWESOME.

Riding the train with my babies??  AWESOME.  Evi stared out the window the whole time, even leaned on my arm part of it.  She would excitedly point things out to me along the way and keep track of the stops.  Jamie sat still on my lap the whole time (!).  I think it may have been Jamie's first trip on the train.
Museum??  AWESOME, as always.  Evi and her friend Liam (both 4 years old) were so excited to see everything together and were and fun to watch!  Jamie and Elsie (who were born one day apart), on the other hand would wander in different directions so us moms would often split: one with the 4 year olds and one with the 1 year olds :).  After walking through the exhibit on evolution/cavemen (not sure what it's called), Evi pointed out that the display was of "People Monkeys".  When watching a movie, there was a statue of an chimpanzee in the middle of a bench.  I tried to have the kids sit by it so I could take their picture, and Evi thought it was a "people monkey" and was frightened.  I guess this means the museum did a great job of making their displays lifelike? 
Of course we went to the "Papa's Rocks" (gems and minerals) exhibit.  Sweet Jamie found a seat,

interestingly on one of the amethyst displays.  If you didn't know my dad or were never in my house, he loved amethysts and had many on his own display.  She is named after him, after all, and maybe he was there with us, or at least her.  Or just maybe she is going to be like him?  Or just maybe it was a sweet coincidence :)!
Butterfly exhibit??  EQUALLY AWESOME.  One of the better butterfly houses I have seen (ok, I think I have only been in 3 or 4).  Butterflies of all colors and sizes and while we were instructed not to touch them, they were apparently not instructed not to touch us :).  One landed on Danielle's camera while taking a picture and one landed on Evi's head!  He did NOT want to get off her hair either.  I had to work to get him out of her hair while touching him as little as possible.  It might have scared her a little at the time, but she later told me she loved being in there!  Jamie was excited about them also.

Just being downtown in general was great; I love being on the mall.  It is so familiar to me even though I don't often go anymore.  We saw specs atop the Washington Monument--workers assessing/fixing (?) damage from September's earthquake.  The Monument is closed indefinitely while work is being done to stabilize the structure, but I hope they can get it fixed so people can go to the top once more.  The kids also rode the Carousel after our museum adventure.  At this point in the day, we had been out for hours, and kids (read: Evi) were reaching their tipping points.  I wanted a picture with my girls in front of the monument.  Well, my stubborn child only wanted to be in a picture with Liam, NOT me.  So we tried to be slick--took one of her with Liam, then I stood in and Danielle got Liam out.  But, Evi saw what we did, and the picture reveals how she felt about it!  Sigh.
The ride home was not as smooth.  Tired Jamie did not want to sit still, Evi was a bit of a nut on the somewhat crowded train, but you take the good with the bad.  We had an awesome day, so a rocky ride home is ok.  Plus, we still got off at the College Park station rather than Greenbelt, so I could still have a longer jog home.  Perfect ending, so I wouldn't end stressed.

Then what to do on a Tuesday night, after being out all day and nothing cooked for dinner?  Why, family night at Chick Fil A, where you get a free kids meal with an adults meal purchase.  Score.  They have crafts and books and fun stuff for the kids, the cow comes out and gives balloons, and kids can run around and have fun.  We enjoyed our time there, and then it was an easy bedtime for the kids once we got home.

It was a long day, but FUN.  All day we kept singing the theme song from the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That (if you haven't watched this on PBS, you're missing out on a catchy song :) ).  "Here we go go go go, on an adventure......."   I am so glad I had an adventure day with my girls and can't wait until the next one!
Bonus pictures of my cuties before church in matching outfits

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Babies

So I am pretty bad at updates lately, but as I was looking through my pictures tonight, I couldn't resist adding a couple new shots of my girls.

It turns out that Jamie loves pudding!

Happy Halloween!
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