Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cast Off Day

That's what we are calling today because Evi got her cast off!  WooHoo!  There is good news and bad news.
The Good:
~Cast is off
~She can move her leg
~Stopped for some "cast off" treats (chosen were a happy face cookie and a sprinkle doughnut)
~Asked for chicken nuggets for her special cast off day dinner

The Bad:
~Fracture has not healed entirely, and was actually worse than I originally thought :( .
~In a Knee Immobilizer for 3 more weeks (but it's not a cast, at least) to be sure she won't twist her leg wrong or re-injure it.  This can come off for baths, sleeping and swimming.
~She is a little grumpy, like the first few days after the initial injury, because it still hurts to move it after being in one position for 3 weeks.  Has not walked much yet.  (Hoping that will get up to the good section soon and say "walking").
~My camera fell on the ground and BROKE on the way into the X-ray room. 

I can still get the pictures off the memory card, and here are a few cast pictures from the last few days.

hanging out at the park on a great January day.  The cast didn't slow down her fun!

Playing "store" on my bed.  She was the my shirt :). 
The calculator she is holding was the cash register I think.

Angry birds is fun for these girls!

Time to get the cast off.  Ev was uncertain about it, and very frightened.

Studying Mr. Tom's (the guy cutting the cast off) movements like a hawk.  A nervous hawk.

Happy girls on our way to the hospital.
We'll see how the next few days go with my girl.
Tomorrow she is having show and tell AND pajama day at school.  That will give her something fun to look forward to after the pain she went through today!

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Julie said...

Yeah for Cast Off Day!!!