Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little slip and a Happy Birthday

Making Papa's birthday cake
Today Evi said to her friends: "Your mom is cheating with my mom".  I looked at her as I was laughing, as she tried to say that we were chatting.  They came in to split us up and Evi says, "ok ok ok, no more cheating!"  hahahaha, I corrected her, but it didn't stick because she said it again a few minutes later. :)

Blowing out the candles!
Today we went downtown with the Himmighoefers to celebrate Papa.  His birthday was yesterday, and we had cake and ice cream last night.  Today we headed to the American History Museum for some new fun and learning adventures.  I figured that anytime we go to a museum it always seems to be the Natural History or the Air and Space, so I really wanted to do a new one, yet was torn with not seeing the gem and mineral exhibit in honor of my dad (like we did last year).  We had some fun at the American History and all the girls seemed to be enjoying it, but the hands on kids section was not open, so after awhile there, we decided to go next door to the Natural History :).  I would really enjoy going back to the American History museum without the kids though, because there was a lot to read and take in that I just couldn't do with the kids.  So out into the BEAUTIFUL weather we went to walk over one museum to quite possibly our favorite!  We got tickets for the free on tuesdays butterfly exhibit, which was really cool :).  Butterflies landed on just about all of us, although most of the great pictures are on Evin's camera.  The kids were all worn out, but I needed just a quick fix of the rocks, so we got to see some of the beautiful gems and minerals and had our fun seeing "Papa's Rocks."

What a fabulous day! Funny, because I had a really hard day Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday have been great and I am so glad we were able to celebrate my dad. I know that I am lucky to have him, and I know some people have not been able to have the kind of close family bonds and ties that I feel like I have had in my family. I hate that he is gone. But I am so glad to have happy memories of him and to think of all the good he had and wanted to share with others.

Christmas 1995


Denise said...

I adore and miss your Dad. I LOVE how you are honoring his memory, though. How cool. I also love that I know know he and my Dad share a birthday. That makes me happy.

Emily said...

Hi Michelle! Yes those are the Wonka heart candies. I found then at Walmart.

Those girls are so sweet and cute. You seem to have so much fun with them.

Your dad seems like a great man. I love that picture of you two.

Me, myself and things around said...

You have 2 wonderfull kids. You are a very lucky mom :)

Emily said...

Hey Michelle. It would have been a blast to have you come with us to NYC. Now I know you are down with that sort of thing, we definitely need to keep in touch for future trips!