Sunday, January 29, 2012

PG County

Occasionally when I speak, my PG county upbringing flows out of my mouth without any thought.  For example, today I said to a friend, "you had been decided that...".  This was followed by my own outburst of laughter at myself, that I didn't even realize I said it.  Normal people don't say things like this, do they?  Grammatically correct speakers would say something like, "You had already decided that." RIGHT?  I think I generally use good grammar.  My mom is still a grammar correction queen, and therefore I (and my sisters) all seem to be as well.  So I don't think I normally speak like this.  Or do I?Oh, PG County, I have to love you.  Have to.  Because I am still here.

*another favorite is: "we had been done that"

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