Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truckin' Along

I have had quite a crazy couple of weeks, and life around here has been turned upside down, then sideways, and then upright again.  In the process of the craziness of my current state, I have thought a lot about my job as a mom and I really value it.  It's funny, because the day I was telling Ron how much I am glad to be a mom, and wouldn't trade it for other seemingly more glamorous or attractive lifestyles, was the day that the kids went crazy and gave me a run for my money.  Ron joked that they must have heard me talking about it and decided to take action!  HA!  But even with the hard days, I adore my babies and am so glad to be their mom.  I need them in my life.  Although some days are harder than others, we get through the challenges together and I feel fortunate to be their mom, and am so glad I am able to stay home with them.  I am also extremely glad to work part time though, so I have a break to re-group sometimes and stay balanced :).
So that's all for now.  We go through changes and have to adapt.  But we keep on truckin' and hopefully enjoy whatever part of the journey that we can.

Since I have a broken camera...I went in to my photo files and have some old pictures to share from the pool.  I love my job, I love my family there, and I love taking my kids there!  These pictures are from June, but still great to share.  Evi was almost 4 1/2 and Jamie had just turned 1 in May.

From Labor Day weekend

Staff cardboard boat regatta in August!  Except for the extremely buoyant base you see here, this boat fell apart.  But Evi wanted a turn after all the big kids finished the racing!  It was shortly after this that some of the lifeguards got worried when they saw her in the 5 feet (without the life vest).  My sweet baby was swimming and they thought she needed help.  One even jumped in to get her, then realized she was fine :).  Evi turned into a fish this summer and I love it!


Denise said...

So, so cute. I'm jealous that you are still working in aquatics.

QPT said...

Looking cute!!!

See the kids enjoying the water